Fast, accurate measurements

The Roll Gap and Cavity Gauge measures roll gaps on all types of heavy industrial equipment. It is designed to provide fast, easily obtainable, highly accurate and repeatable measurements. Because our Roll Gap and Cavity Gauge provides consistent readout accuracy to 0.01mm or 0.001 inches, it can accurately measure roll gaps in caster segments to diagnose and correct operating problems or to realign rolls after repairs. It is invaluable for checking a troublesome or questionable segment.


Our Roll Gap and Cavity Gauge is portable, lightweight, self-supporting, self-aligning and easy-to-use. Compared to using inside micrometers, even people who are not trained machinists can consistently get highly precise measurements with our gauge. As a result, micrometer measurement discrepancies that can occur because they were taken by different individuals are virtually eliminated. And because our gauge can save the tightest reading and be removed from equipment without disturbing the measurement, it is particularly accurate and easyto-use when taking measurements in dark, cramped spaces in which the readout cannot be easily seen.


Custom-designed to specifically meet your company’s equipment requirements, the gauge is available in three different sizes with either electronic digital or mechanical dial readouts in either Metric or English units. A .400-inch tip extension for use in caster molds is also available.

Parts and repair services

At our ISO 9001 accredited facility, we provide annual calibration services and replacement parts for our Roll Gap and Cavity Gauges. To find out more about how the Roll Gap and Cavity Gauge from SMS group can help you measure roll spacing and mold cavities quickly and accurately and reduce maintenance downtime, call (814) 677-9400 or complete the form on the reverse side and or email it to

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