Faster and more accurate than manual roll gap measurement, our sleds provide the roll data in real-time, in the caster. And because of their unique design and superior construction, they are also more rugged, accurate, dependable and easy-to-use than other sleds on the market.

Rugged body

Designed to specifically match a caster’s parameters, Roll Gap Sleds from SMS group have a rugged one-piece body made from 4140 steel that is less likely to get bent or distorted when run through a drive or broken roll. Because our sleds have an extremely strong and rigid platform, they deliver repeatable gap readings and have a long life.

Better sensors for better roll data

Made from hardened 17-4 PH stainless steel to insure long service life, our unique floating-gap, flat-top sensors provide accurate readings run after run. The sensors are also sealed from dust and water, so our sleds can be run with water systems operating to better simulate actual caster operation. They also use dependable DC linear variable differential transformers (LVDTs) to insure consistently repeatable results. Plus the entire sensor assembly can be disassembled for easy repair and maintenance. Because our gap and roll bending sensors use a flat-top design, they contact the roll tangent longer, get more samples, and more accurate gap measurements. In addition to measuring every roll pair, sensors mounted on the pass-line sides of the sled measure angles to ensure a smooth transition from roll to roll and segment to segment.

Loading runners ensure accurate roll-bearing data

Our Roll Gap Sleds have unique loading runners that apply a similar force to the rolls that a slab would exert. Because slab forces are simulated, sensors can detect worn roll bearings and provide accurate readings of actual slab conditions. The loading runners also ensure that the sled is properly positioned against the outer radius rolls for accurate pass-line measurements.

Hardware and modem

Our Roll Gap Sled’s hardware-software system is designed to be cost-effective, easy-to-use and -upgrade and to run on hardware today and beyond. In fact, we guarantee software compatibility for three years. Our Roll Gap Sleds use off-the-shelf, easy-to-replace Microsoft Windows-based non-proprietary hardware in the sled processor. They also use a 2.4 GHz spread spectrum modem to acquire real-time data from the sled that does not require an FCC license and is easily connected to the host computer. Plus, run information is stored in nonvolatile memory so data can’t be lost if power is lost.

Fast and flexible software

The sled and host-computer software runs on Windows operating systems for ease of data handling and operating system compatibility. With its Microsoft Windows operating system, the sled can go from power-up to starting a run in less than two minutes. The sled software can also be customized to keep file sizes small. A host computer with the sled control software pre-installed is supplied with the sled. This software controls the operation of the sled; displays sled data in real-time; has built-in reports; and is pre-configured with caster parameters, which can be edited.

Data and reports

Communication and a data stream begins when the sled begins its run and can be exported into Microsoft Excel reports at the end of the run to analyze it or combined to analyze trends. Caster information, for example segment number and tons cast, can also be imported into the reports.

Fast and easy calibration

Our Roll Gap Sled System can be quickly and easily calibrated by one person. Sleds come with all of the specialized calibration equipment: a calibration laptop; a c-frame for calibrating the roll gap and roll bending sensors; an angle fixture to calibrate the pass-line sensors; and easy-to-understand instructions.

Training and support

We take pride in our outstanding customer support. Our experienced technicians make sure your personnel can utilize the data collected by our roll gap sleds. In addition to the initial training and complete documentation, we also provide ongoing training and support. We also provide parts, upgrades and fast repair services to keep your sled operating.


Each sled is custom configured with two to seven sensors, depending caster needs. Roll-bending and roll-rotation sensors and video inspection equipment are also available. Sleds have been designed to cover a full range of slab thicknesses from 50mm up to and over 200mm.

Superior caster performance for you

A Roll Gap Sled System from SMS group can help you optimize your continuous caster. Casters which have been maintained using our Roll Gap Sleds operate better, longer and provide consistently better quality product. To learn more about how SMS group’s Roll Gap Sled System can help you get top performance from your caster, call us at +1-412-231-1200.