Synergy of experience and know-how

SMS group is one of the largest suppliers of off-line maintenance for metals producers in the US. We have the services, facilities, resources and maintenance experience to keep equipment— from lances to cold rolling mills— running in peak condition.

For more than 30 years, SMS group companies have been designing, producing and servicing continuous galvanizing line equipment. They have extensive experience and technical expertise designing, manufacturing and servicing pot hardware used in zinc, galvannealed, Galfan®, Galvalume® and aluminum coatings melt baths. Using their know-how and experience, they have developed innovative, patented solutions for bearings, bearing arms and pot rolls.

Together, SMS group and our SMS group partners can provide advanced zinc pot equipment maintenance and are the exclusive US supplier of a state-of-the-art thermal spray coating system for pot rolls developed by Tocalo Co., Ltd. of Japan.

Twenty-first-century coating technology

Improperly maintained sink and stabilizer rolls in zinc pots can negatively impact production and steel strip product quality. In particular, the pot rolls need to be protected from molten zinc and their surfaces kept smooth so that the sheet produced is free of surface defects.

Boride and carbide alloy coatings applied with our state-of-the-art thermal spray equipment are the answer. This system produces a dense coating that has exceptional hardness, compressive and traverse rupture strength, wear resistance and long service-life.

Because our system has a higher particle velocity compared to other thermal spray systems, the coating’s bond strength and density are improved, and coatings are harder with better wear resistance. As a result, zinc pot rolls coated with our system have greatly increased resistance to corrosion and wear. In addition, zinc dross adhesion is minimized because the roll coating is sealed from molten zinc and zinciron alloys. Zinc pot rolls coated with our process have longer service lives and produce galvanized steel strip product with superior surface quality.

Knowledgeable repairs, quality spares

To keep zinc pot equipment working reliably, we expertly repair it, resurface and coat rolls and replace bearing systems. We also repair and rebuild complete pot rigs, arms, rolls and bearings as well as repairing and calibrating air knives. Plus our expert technicians can diagnose operating issues, develop a repair plan and recommend equipment upgrades to improve zinc pot equipment performance and minimize downtime.

In addition, working with our SMS group company partners, we provide a full range of high-quality spare parts for zinc pot equipment.

Repairs and spares from SMS group can not only extend zinc pot equipment service life and improve steel strip product quality, they can also reduce the number of zinc pot equipment sets needed and reduce overall maintenance costs.

To learn more about how we can help you improve your zinc pot equipment performance, help you consistently produce superior products and help you reduce your downtime and maintenance costs, call us at +1-412-231-1200 or send an email to

Precisely machined pot rolls produce superior products

Resurfaced and reconditioned zinc pot rolls perform like new