Steckel/Plate Mills

Maximal flexibility in heavy plate and hot strip rolling

Main data

The process route enables producing a wide range of products with regard to the material and the product dimensions, i.e. thin and extremely wide plates and thin hot strip. The rolling modes comprise normal rolling, temperature-controlled rolling, thermo-mechanical rolling and multi-plate rolling. The temperature control system in the Steckel/Plate mill allows homogeneous heating of the rolling stock with optimally arranged burners and thus ensures excellent, constant material properties.

State-of-the-art X-Pact® automation and digitalization solutions from SMS group include all process models and control all plants. Through permanent monitoring, documentation and analysis of all process data throughout the entire process, the outstanding product quality is ensured and the process chain is optimized, if required. The world-leading position of SMS group in Steckel Plate mill technology is underlined by 5 greenfield references since 2005.

The rolling mill with the Steckel furnaces forms the centerpiece of a Steckel/Plate Mill