The X-Roll® Guide Concept is a technology package consisting of several mechanical and automation modules, which can be applied individually or in combination. The option mentioned last comes with the greatest benefit. The modules can be part of our new plants, but they can also be retrofitted in existing plants. The following modules are part of the solution:

  • X-Roll® Guide CFR ensures camber- and wedge-free rolling in the roughing mill area
  • X-Pact® Centerline Control ensures integrated strip guidance for improved rolling mill stability

  • Strip center measurement with X-Pact® Sense hotCAM launched ensures best strip position between the mill stands

  • X-Roll® Guide FM entry is our optimal side guide concept for the entry side of the finishing mill
  • X-Pact® Tail-Out Monitoring optimizes the strip flow and reduces the tail-end cobbles

  • X-Roll® Guide coiler, implemented in the downcoiler area providing accurate coiling process and results