X-Pact® High Current switch mode power rectifier

  • Highest level of energy efficiency
  • Increase in plant performance due to high DC quality (ripple, control cycle time, control accuracy  cos phi …)
  • Alternative operating modes (high speed pulse mode, pulse revers mode)
  • High availability through modular design and hot standby mode
  • Efficient maintenance and monitoring
  • Less spare parts
  • One responsible partner for the complete system incl. process
X-Pact® Basic Automation for processing lines
  • Perfect diagnostics with faceplate and pop-ups
  • Faster and better analyzing of process and production
  • High availability
  • Fewer line stops
  • Fast troubleshooting
  • Fast start up of line
  • Easy to adapt to the different requirements of individual processing lines
  • Easier maintenance
  • Increase of plant capacity
  • Reduction of downtime
  • Reduction of personal costs
  • Increasing of reliability and availability

X-Pact® Coating Control

  • Highest coating thickness quality
  • Achievement of extremely close varnish layer tolerances by automatically-controlled adjustment of rollers
  • Different circulation systems for different coatings and quick product changes
  • Production time saving

X-Pact® Line Drive Control

  • Protection of mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Controls tailored to the process needs
  • Easy maintenance
  • Perfect operation and overview of the strip tension
  • Highest product quality
  • High line availability
  • Avoiding of surface defects
  • Energy saving
  • Most efficient drive technology

X-Pact® Tension Leveller Model with an offline model-based setup

  • Less flatness  problems in the line
  • Less strip drift problems
  • Easier start up after product change
  • Less down time