United States, Osceola10. Dec 2016

Widest CSP® plant worldwide

A new, consumption-optimized CSP® furnace and a plant wider than ever before: The CSP® plant of Big River Steel is setting new standards worldwide and is characterized by lower energy losses and very low emission levels.

With a finished strip width of 1,930 millimeters the CSP® plant of Big River Steel is the world’s widest of all CSP® plants. And not only that: SMS group implemented also a number of technological innovations in the 29th CSP® plant and attained optimum performances which impressively demonstrate the efficiency of CSP® technology. The CSP® plant consists of a CSP® continuous casting plant of the VSB (Vertical Solid Bending) type, the CSP® tunnel furnace, the six-stand CSP® rolling mill, the laminar cooling system and a downcoiler.

The first strip was produced on the CSP® plant on December 10, 2016. In January 2017, the first full production month, 57,000 metric tons (approx. 63,000 American short tons) left the plant – world record for all CSP® plants. At the beginning of November 2017, Big River Steel broke the mark of one million tons produced on the CSP® plant. Another outstanding achievement is also an extremely low cobble rate. Here, the figure for example in July and August 2017 was below 0.06 percent.


Main data


Low, medium, and high-carbon steels, high-strength, low-alloyed steels, pipe grades (X70 and X80), silicon steels (grain-oriented and non-grain-oriented)

Capacity 3.0 million t/year
Strip width (900) 1,200 to 1,930 mm
Strip thickness (1.20) 1.55 to 25.4 mm
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