Everything you need for tube and pipe finishing

Line pipes must be robust enough to withstand extreme conditions and have secure welds; oil transport pipes and lines must have standardized threads. To ensure these qualities, SMS group offers fully integrated lines and stand-alone machines for seamless and welded tube finishing. From the primary product to the ready-for-sale tube – our business partners can source all the equipment they need from just one company.

Plant types

  • Finishing lines

    For OCTG, boiler tube, general construction applications, and heat treatment

    Our complete lines for tube and pipe finishing reflect our many years of experience in plant engineering. Depending on the requirements of your customers, you may need different quality control equipment with quite different performance characteristics. Likewise, it is necessary to integrate different machining processes into the material flow.

    SMS finishing lines are specially designed for these applications: OCTG finishing lines, boiler tube finishing lines, finishing lines for general construction tubes, and heat treatment lines.

    Finishing line and heat treatment line by SMS group

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  • Threading machines

    For standard and premium threads as well as couplings

    SMS group offers a wide range of threading machines to produce high-quality end products to international standards such as API or GOST, as well as all types of premium joints. Our range includes not only high-precision machinery with a rotating tube (type TCG), but also high-performance machinery with rotating tools (type CTM).

    For the manufacturing of couplings, SMS group supplies precision coupling threading machines (type RMG). These machines are capable of cutting all customary threads for the OCTG industry in one set-up, meaning close tolerances can be complied with.

    Threading machines:

    • TCG – thread-cutting machine for OCTG pipes
    • CMT – thread-cutting machine
    • RMG – coupling threading machine
    Thread cutting machine TCG by SMS group
  • Thread measuring system

    ThreadView for OCTG tubes

    Tubes are often processed on our thread-cutting machines (TCG) and used worldwide as oilfield tubulars (OCTG tubes). Our machines provide high-quality finished products to international standards, such as API or GOST. Also regulated by these standards are regular checks to ensure the proper quality of cut threads. That’s where ThreadView – a thread measurement system, which is fully integrated into the thread cutting line – comes into play.

    ThreadView offers the possibility to measure the negative flanks of premium threads and is the missing building block for the realization of a complete Digital Twin. The system not only enables the 100 % measurement of all produced threads; it also ensures an evaluation and documentation of the measurement data. 

    ThreadView autonomous measuring system for OCTG threads and sealing lips


    • Risk reduction: Decrease the operational risk and the risk of a worst-case scenario in the oilfield thanks to 100 % measurement of all produced tubes
    • Cost reduction: Decrease your operational costs thanks to automated measurement, evaluation, and documentation
    • Reputation increase: Decrease the claim rate thanks to the direct feedback on quality results
    • Digital ready: Be prepared for the market demand of tomorrow as ThreadView is the building block for your digital pipe twin
  • Chamfering machine

    For precise, burr-free pipe ends

    Chamfering machines from SMS group ensure precise, burr-free pipe ends. Precise chamfering and front-end facing create the ideal conditions for perfect pipe ends – vital prerequisites for the finished tube or for further processing.

  • Upsetting press

    Quality right from the start

    There are various standards for tube ends, and our upsetting presses ensure your products meet them all. Our machines apply the compressions required for precise tolerances of tubes and drill pipes in one or more upsetting stages. The customized configuration of these powerful upsetting presses means even special upsetting profiles can be achieved.

    The SMS group design allows for setups comprising several tools and upsetting shells, and thus reduced tool changing times. Maintenance work is simpler thanks to the machine’s easy accessibility, so shutdown periods are shorter.

  • Sizing press

    Precision cutting of premium threads

    The demand for ever-closer tolerances and thin walls mean the tube end needs to be sized, particularly if premium threads are to be cut precisely. With its powerful sizing press, SMS group has just the right machine to meet these requirements.

    The use of inside, outside, or combination tools ensures extremely precise sizing results for both line pipes and oil country tubular goods. Fast, straightforward tool changes, coupled with the easy accessibility of all key elements for maintenance purposes, mean press downtimes can be minimized and operating times fully utilized.

  • Straightening machine

    Maximum straightness and roundness

    SMS high-performance straightening machines are available in a frame or column-type design. They ensure that tube manufacturers are able to produce products with maximum straightness and roundness that reliably meet strict tolerance requirements. 

    The automatically adjustable rolls in the machine enable the right straightening strategy to be selected, in order to produce the required straightening force. In addition to smooth-ended tubes, upset tubes can also be precisely aligned using short-stroke cylinders.

    The 6 and 10-roll straightening machines can be equipped with various drive models and be used either as hot straighteners in a heat treatment line or as cold straighteners.

  • Hydrostatic pipe tester

    Manufacturing water-tight tubes

    Internal hydrostatic testing is ideal for testing pipes under realistic conditions. This test method, involving test pressures of up to 1,700 bar, is used to test the tubes for leak-tightness and to examine their mechanical strength properties. The test results demonstrate the suitability of the tubes for the relevant practical application.

    SMS group pipe testers are available in a variety of designs – given the various requirements that the pipe testers have to satisfy, such as tube diameter and length, or the test pressure level or number of tubes to be tested. This means machines can be provided with one or more test positions to meet all relevant requirements.

  • Bundling machines

    Prepare tubes and pipes for transport

    SMS group bundling stations are automated systems that produce tube bundles of various shapes and sizes. As well as tubes, these stations can also bundle square and rectangular hollow sections.

    The station is preset before bundling, taking the number of tubes per bundle, the individual tube weights and dimensions, and the weight of the bundle into account. To prepare the bundles produced for onward transportation, manual or automatic strapping machines are used.

    Bundling machine by SMS group at voestalpine tubulars
  • More individual machine

    For optimal processes

    SMS group also offers other innovative stand-alone machines that secure the long-term viability of production processes. All the machinery, equipment, and services plant owners receive from SMS group are from just one source – for perfectly connected processes and a minimum of interfaces in the case of stand-alone machines. Coupled with a high level of automation, this ensures the best possible coordination and harmonization of all processes.

    SMS group supplies other stand-alone machines for finishing:

    • Drifter
    • Automatic measuring and marking system (AMS)
    • Flushing station

    In addition, SMS group incorporates other equipment units to create a fully integrated finishing line, such as:

    • Full-body and pipe-end testing equipment
    • Coupling screw-on units
    • Tube coating equipment

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