The X-Roll® MultiFlex-Quench concept features many options and upgrade opportunities over different extension stages that meet the needs of the customer and of the current and future production program.

Design concept of the X-Roll® MultiFlex-Quench
  • Large cooling areas on all cooling beams
  • Special nozzle construction, safe nozzle arrangement, large impingement zone, robust construction
  • With distribution of the cooling header
  • Self-cooling mode of the bottom cooler header with low pressure in standby mode, in order to prevent dirt particles from clogging the nozzles
  • Switchable high and low pressure mode
  • Proven X-Pact® Plate Cooling Control from SMS group
  • Different cooling strategies within one sequence possible
  • Individual cooling stop temperature
  • Active hydraulic clamping for plates over the entire length for optimized plate flatness
  • Pressure transducers in each hydraulic adjustment cylinder allow flatness deviation control
  • Identical components for high and low pressure sections for easier maintenance