Heat treatment lines from SMS group essentially comprise

  • Shot blaster for surface cleaning
  • High-temperature roller hearth furnace for heating and austenitizing
  • X-Roll® MultiFlex-Quench for cooling and adjusting the material properties
  • Cooling bed or cooling roller tables to cool down the normalized plates
  • Low temperature furnace for tempering special materials and stress-relief annealing
  • X-Roll® MultiFlex-Leveler to optimize the flatness and reduce the tension
  • Water treatment plant to provide the necessary quantities of water in the desired quality
  • Control of entire process by X-Pact® automation

When investing in a heat treatment line, you will earn

  • Access to the new growth markets
  • Because you will be able to offer even niche products profitably
  • By efficiently developing new products, supported by our material property model
  • By utilizing our broad portfolio of services, covering the entire life cycle of the equipment and digitally managed maintenance services
  • By saving valuable resources through our digital plant solutions