X-Pact® Thermo-Mechanical Rolling
Increased rate with sophisticated staggering of plates

  • Production of micro-alloyed high strength steel with higher ductility requirements
  • Stable reproducible thermo-mechanical rolling process
  • Better thermo-mechanical production rate with sophisticated staggering of plates in the mill area
X-Pact® Pass Schedule Calculation (PSC®)
Physical process model for the generation of optimal set points
  • Optimal rolling process
  • Maximum production
  • Best product quality
  • Support for the development of new products
  • High production flexibility
  • Adaption of model parameters with regard to process results

X-Pact® Profile and Flatness Control (PFC®)
Optimal set points for the actuators of CVC® plus system and the bending system

  • Provides best possible profile and flatness results
  • Minimized profile anomalies
  • High production flexibility
  • Extended rolling campaigns

X-Pact® Automatic Shape Control
Best results for plate rectangularity

  • Minimization of scrap
  • Maximization of yield
  • Automatic adjustments of roll gap for best plate rectangularity

X-Pact® Plate Cooling Control
In-bar temperature cooling strategies

  • Very high accuracy for repeatable material properties
  • Cooling strategies for a wide range of hot rolled products
  • Suitable for use with different mechanical designs

X-Pact® Plate Leveler Control
Optimized model set point calculation for increased flatness  performance

  • Flattens and removes residual stress from the plate
  • 9/5-roll mode for a broader leveling range without changing rolls (for cold plate leveler)

X-Pact® Plate Cutting Optimization
Best cuts for production of the finished plate

  • Automatic corrections for measured/planned pattern mismatch
  • Current performance of the various shears is taken into consideration
  • Online information if one final dimension can not be cut