Pioneers in North America

Interview - Glenn Pushis, Senior Vice President - Special projects, SDI

Mr. Pushis, what are your feelings about this mega project lying ahead of you?
It’s such an honor to be in charge on the SDI side and working with SMS group on this extremely important project. There are no large steel mills in Sinton, Texas. Therefore this project is going to be very exciting. We have been very well received in this portion of the southwestern part of the United States. It’s an honor to be working on this.

What is so special about this project?
The new generation of CSP® technology merges the minimill front end and the meltshop along with the integrated steel mill for thermal mechanical rolling. We are excited to be pioneering this with SMS group in North America.

You and your colleagues have come to Germany to discuss further details of the project. How has the cooperation with SMS group been so far?
The team work is excellent. We had two intense days of meetings. Great communication - from the steelmaking plant all the way through to the out-of-line temper mill. We had a great exchange of ideas and we are looking forward to getting this important project up and running quickly together with SMS group.

What is your impression about the production facili- ties that you have seen?
The SMS production facilities are absolutely first-class. This is one of the reason why we chose SMS group for this important SDI project. The production facilities are very professional, very organized and very clean.