Flexible production and high capacity

Reversing Cold Mills (RCM) are the ideal plant type for an annual production in the range of 100,000 to 500,000 tons. They can roll a wide range of steel grades. Reversing cold mills are also a good solution for demanding silicon or stainless steels. We offer you the right type of stand for every product mix. This includes four-high, six-high, 18-HS and 20-high designs.

Our portfolio also includes double-stand compact cold rolling mills (Compact Cold Mill CCM®) for capacities up to 900,000 metric tons per year (depending on product mix). If you want to convert an existing RCM into a CCM®, this is possible with our flexible expansion package at affordable conditions.

Plant types

  • Single-stand reversing cold mill (RCM)

    Designed for a production of up to 500,000 tons per year

    Main data

    The reversing cold rolling mill is the all-rounder among the cold rolling mills: Here, thin strips, thick strips, soft grades, high-strength and ultra-high-strength strips can be rolled in succession on one and the same plant. The RCM is mainly used for low carbon steels, but is also a good solution for modern grades such as silicon steels. If you want to produce small to medium batch sizes of certain products, this line is a highly efficient option. Depending on your product mix and the installed rolling technology, the capacity ranges from about 100,000 to 500,000 t/ year.

    RCM overview
  • Twin-stand Compact Cold Mill (CCM®)

    Designed for a production of up to 900,000 ton per year

    Main data

    The twin-stand Compact Cold Mill (CCM®) was originally invented by SMS group. Today we have by far the most CCM® references worldwide. Featuring a capacity of up to 900,000 t/year, the CCM® closes the gap between the single-stand RCM and the multistand tandem cold mill.

    4-high mill stand with CVC ® plus
  • X-Roll® MultiPurpose Mill

    Flexible production of soft and high-strength materials on one mill

    Main data

    It's a huge challenge to produce smaller batches profitably, especially when not running the mill at full capacity. Our new CVC® plus M 18/4 stand for reversing and tandem mills is a multipurpose mill that covers a very wide product range from soft IF-grades (Interstitial Free) right through to HSS (High Strength Steel) and stainless steels.

    We install the CVC® plus M 18/4 multi-function stand type in both new and existing mills. Central to this equipment is a rapid and easy-change roll set in CVC plus 4-high and 18-HS design. That ensures you can expand your product range at low cost.


    • CVC® plus 4-high and 18-HS design combined in one mill
    • Applicable for RCM and TCM
    • Flexible production from soft to high-strength material
    • High reductions
    • Operating mode changeover within just seven minutes by changing the complete roll cassette

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  • X-Pact® Total roll gap control (TRC®)

    Assistant for automatic strip threading

    Threading in and tailing out assistance system for batch type cold rolling mills to minimize strip off-gauge weight and/or length and therefore increase the yield substantially.

    We launched X-Pact® TRC® as a part of our process control package within X-Pact® Automation. It drastically reduces off-gauge lengths respectively weights and improves the yield of discontinuously operating mills.

    In addition to essentially use of the sensors, measuring and actuating equipment already installed in every modern plant additional load cells or direct roll gap measurements can be installed in the mill stands. This enables X-Pact® TRC® to thread the strip directly into the pre-adjusted roll gap and to swivel it automatically after the initial pass and thus move in a straight line without any intervention by the operator.

    X-Pact® TRC® is proven technology in state-of-the-art cold rolling mills for steel and aluminum. The mill types are batch, single and multiple stands, reversing and non-reversing.

    Reversing Cold Mill


    • Reduced off-gauge and off-flatness weight and / or length up to 50%
    • Yield increase up to 1.5%
    • Stable rolling already from the strip head end / until the strip tail end
    • Improved efficiency due to reduced, operator independent threading times
  • Dry strip system (DS system)

    Removal of rolling emulsion residues for excellent surface quality

    Now available to you is our new-generation DS system. It offers you an ideal, contact-free way to remove rolling emulsion residues from strip. This method requires less compressed air than conventional technologies. This makes it very efficient.

    Installed in the exit of a cold rolling stand, the DS system removes lubricant residues from the strip surface. This effectively prevents stain spots. High productivity is the hallmark of our latest-generation DS systems. That's due to the optimum combination of stationary and movable sealing elements as well as precisely balanced blow-off and extraction areas. One of the core components of the DS system is the wear-proof and contactless sealing of the roll barrel. This is also known as a COANDA nozzle.



    • Sound level below 82 dBA
    • 50 % lower maintenance costs
    • 62 % lower energy costs
    • 80 % fewer rejected coils
  • Superior design and actuators for roll gap setting

    Better yield and quality

    Outstanding CVC® plus 4-high and CVC® plus 6-high designs for better yield and quality, proven by more than 800 installed systems.


    • Shifting under all load conditions
    • A very large roll gap adjusting range for flexible handling of a wide variety of incoming hot strip profiles
    • Top flatness results
    • Excellent strip quality due to uniform load and roughness transfer
    • Low operational costs with less roll wear and less maintenance
  • X-Pact® Yield Optimizer

    Enhanced technological controls for improved yield

    Enhanced technological control functions for batch cold rolling mills to reduce strip off-gauge weight,  increase yield and process stability using intelligent setup and feed-forward mechanisms of gap and drive adjustments.

    The X-Pact® Yield Optimizer synchronizes several special functions within the X-Pact® Automation control system while threading the strip in discontinuously operating mills. It is therefore capable of significantly improving the user-friendliness and yield of the plant by reducing the off-gauge weights for the strip head and strip tail ends.

    This function essentially uses the sensors, measuring and actuating equipment already installed in every modern plant. X-Pact® Yield Optimizer, as it’s known, which on the one hand has less equipment than the X-Pact® TRC®, but on the other hand still requires operator intervention throughout the threading process, contrary to the X-Pact® TRC®. A camera system is used here to display to the operator the position of the strip as quickly as possible after the initial pass, allowing to react to it.

    As an economical alternative to the full automatic acting X-Pact® TRC®, the X-Pact® Yield Optimizer is proven technology in state-of-the-art cold rolling mills for steel, aluminum or copper. The mill types are batch, single and multiple stands, reversing and non-reversing.

    Using the Yield Optimizer, the CCM® of KYCR is working very productively


    • Reduced off-gauge and off-flatness weight
    • Yield increase up to 0.5%
    • Improved, less operator depending threading
    • Improved efficiency due to reduced, operator independent threading times
  • Edge Drop Control (EDC®)

    Optimized yield through constant thickness up to the strip edge

    Edge Drop Control (EDC) prevents thickness deviations at the strip edges, caused by variation of the roll flattening. To achieve this, the barrel of each work roll is tapered at one side using a special grind. The control system shifts the taper into the edge of the strip, compensating the edge drop.

  • Extension concept

    From single-stand RCM to twin-stand CCM®

    Our flexible extension package provides the opportunity to upgrade an existing RCM to a two-stand Compact Cold Mill (CCM®) at reasonable cost. This expansion strategy has generated, especially in recent years, strong demand from customers in young, emerging markets.

    Preparation for plant extension

    • Foundation prepared for second mill stand
    • Media systems prepared for second mill stand, e.g. space provision for 2nd high pressure pump

    Execution for plant extension

    • Relocation of exit side equipment with minimal efforts
    • Fit-to-match components for already prepared extension areas
    From RCM to CCM

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