Sweden, Boden01. May 2026

First 100 per cent DR plant of the world

A MIDREX® Direct Reduction Plant will be the primary step of the process at H2 Green Steel. It will be the first first commercial facility in the world operating 100 per cent with hydrogen. SMS group company Paul Wurth has been selected to supply the plant in a consortium with Midrex.

The facility will have a 2.1 million ton per year capacity hydrogen direct reduction plant to transform iron ore into direct reduced iron. Hot DRI will be fed directly to the two electric arc furnaces, significantly reducing the energy consumption for electric steelmaking. Of course, the EAFs will be powered with fossil-free electricity.

To meet the high demands of automotive customers, secondary metallurgy consists of two ladle furnaces and a Ruhrstahl Heraeus (RH) vacuum degasser.

We are thrilled to be the forerunners in the green steel revolution. Our mission is to accelerate the decarbonization of the steel industry and thanks to the H2 Green Steel vision we are marking a milestone in the roadmap towards a climate friendly production.


Main data

  • Midrex® direct reduction plant
  • 2 Electric arc furnaces
  • 2 Ladle furnaces
  • 1 RH plant
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