The company which was founded 1869 in Mühlheim as Eulenberg & Möcke switched its name in 1902 to the world wide known Eulenberg, Moenting & Co., in brief Eumuco. The increasing order intake required a relocation to Leverkusen in 1911. Eumuco was famous for its forging technology with hydraulic presses, pneumatic and swaging hammer, forging and heading machines, drop forge presses type Maxima and forge rollings.

In 1994 SMS Hasenclever and Eumuco started negotations regarding a cooperation of both companies. Previously Eumuco took over the business unit press- and forging technology of the J. Banning machinery factory.

As a result of these meetings, SMS Hasenclever was integrated into SMS Eumuco, representing the business unit forging technology.

To strengthen the product segment business ring rolling, SMS Eumuco acquired Wagner Dortmund Banning Ringwalztechnik with its location in Witten.

In 2007 the business unit forging technology was incorporated in our company SMS Meer. This business unit has been respresented since 2015 by SMS group.

Bending and forming machine
Bridge-type steam hammer
High-performance forging machine
Pneumatic hammer
Maxima-type closed-die forging press
Reducing machine
Cutting machine
Horizontal upsetting machine
Oil-hydraulic closed-die forging hammer
Forging roll