Maschinenfabrik Hasenclever / SMS Hasenclever

The first products manufactured by the company, which was founded in Remscheid in 1855, were screws and bolts. Following its relocation to Düsseldorf, the range of products was extended to include presses and forging machines. By 1910 already, it had delivered its 2000th horizontal forging machine.

In the decades that followed, Maschinenfabrik Hasenclever became a global market leader with the development and construction of powerful closed-die eccentric and crank presses. Over 500 patent applications had been filed by 1970.

In order to combine the portfolios and expertise of two companies well known in the field of forging press construction, SMS Schloemann-Siemag took over the firm at the end of 1981. Together with Sutton Engineering Co. (SMS Sutton), which itself had been part of SMS since 1979, SMS Hasenclever extended its market share in the U.S. business.

In 1996, SMS Hasenclever was incorporated into SMS Eumuco, which represented the Forging Technology business area up to 2007. SMS Meer subsequently took over this business area, which has been represented by SMS group since 2015. 

Hasenclever screw press for closed-die forgings
Forging line
Horizontal forging machine
8 MN extrusion press for aluminum profiles
Horizontal electric upsetting plant for drive shafts
Indirect extrusion press plant for brass wire rod
Clutch-operated screw press