VACMETAL / Messo Metallurgie / SMS Mevac

SMS Mevac was found in 1999 as a result of the merger of Messo Metallurgie and SMS VACMETAL. As a leading supplier of hot metal treatment, secondary and tertiary metallurgy equipment, SMS Mevac enjoys a world reputation.

In 1953, Dr. Theo Messing and Fred Sowen founded the Messo Society for Process Engineering. It entered into a joint venture with Standard-Kessel-Gesellschaft Duisburg. The cooperation proved its worth and led to the founding of Standard-Messo Duisburg in 1960. The portfolio included the production of plants for biochemical products and for vacuum metallurgy. The company was taken over by Mannesmann Demag and incorporated as Messo Metallurgie into Business Unit Mannesmann Demag Hüttentechnik.

In July 1969, Hoesch and Fried. Krupp Hüttenwerke founded a joint subsidiary called VACMETAL Gesellschaft für Vakuummetallurgie. In future, the patents acquired in the field of industrial-scale vacuum steel degassing were to be exploited jointly. As part of the merger between Hoesch and Krupp, MAN GHH acquired a majority stake in the Dortmund-based company in 1993. At the end of the 1990s, SMS expanded its market program to include crude iron and steel production and the subsequent steel treatment. For this purpose, in 1997 SMS took over the construction of blast furnace and steelmaking plants from MAN GHH's Business Unit industrial plants. VACMETAL became SMS VACMETAL. Up to this point in time, the company had already erected more than 350 plants worldwide together with its cooperation partners.

The merger of SMS VACMETAL and Messo Metallurgie to form SMS Mevac within the scope of the merger of SMS and Mannesmann Demag Hüttentechnik in 1999 resulted in the pooling of competence and technological lead in the interest of our customers.

Vacuum ingot casting plant
Vacuum degassing plant
Secondary metallurgy plant
RH-OB vacuum plant (Messo)
RH plant
Ladle furnace