Dual strategy for success

Central to the philosophy of SMS group are production of core components and pre-assembly in our own workshops. Included here are not only our German facilities in Hilchenbach and Mönchengladbach, but also a continually growing network of international workshops. To ensure top final product quality, we will continue to manufacture know-how-intensive core components in Germany.

Our plants in China and India produce special products as well as solutions tailored to individual markets. You and your partners benefit from our expanding local presence that gives you fast, fuss-free service wherever you are. We remain focused on our role as a global technology leader shaping the future with design and manufacturing excellence. Optimized work flow processes and efficient production solutions ensure shorter lead times so you get top quality, reliable, and high-performance products.


  • Design and manufacturing

    Under one roof

    A stand-out feature of our Hilchenbach and Mönchengladbach locations is the direct interaction between engineering and manufacturing. This naturally facilitates a continuous exchange of ideas between these departments for ongoing optimization of our products

    Design of machinery
  • Qualification and training

    Expertise makes all the difference

    Key to meeting your requirements is the skill of our employees. Future specialists start their careers at SMS as junior staff in special apprentice workshops. Every year, more than 170 young people embark on vocational training at SMS, learning their skills from the bottom up.

    SMS group workshop
  • Welding manufacturing

    Welding is too important to be left to chance

    Components for metallurgical plants must withstand extreme static and dynamic stresses. That's why SMS uses a wide range of conventional and automated welding systems to ensure optimal welded joins. Our employees are experts in welding together different materials. You can rest assured that we meet all safety and quality assurance specifications.

  • Mechanical production

    Turning, drilling, milling, grinding, and shaping

    All our manufacturing centers are equipped with latest-generation machine tools tailored to the specific requirements of heavy plant construction. Equally important, our equipment is CNC controlled. It's standard procedure for us to write the machining programs offline using a 3D-CAM system. Then we simulate the processes in advance so we can detect and correct errors even in extremely complex machining schedules. That ensures shorter lead times.

  • Gear production

    Specialists for heavy gears

    Operation under high loads, at low oscillation, and around the clock - these are requirements our gears take in their stride. Yet that's only possible because we achieve precise dimensions, shaping, and positioning. Simultaneously, all our gear parts feature high surface quality, especially on the toothing. To meet the exacting demands of these special products, we set up a dedicated production area in Hilchenbach. It covers a floor-space of 4,000 m2 and includes complete machining centers for tooth milling and grinding, plus quality assurance and assembly zones. A standalone measuring machine inspects the gearing and can handle gearwheels weighing up to 40 t with diameters of as much as 5,500 mm.

    Gear wheel
  • Assembly and test fields

    Nothing is left to chance

    Depending on the order, our teams pre-assemble or fully assemble products in several dedicated halls. Also included in the assembly workshop program are functional tests and trial runs performed on our own test rigs. Next there is our pipeline field where you benefit from precise CNC bending, welding, and laying of various tube and pipe materials. Furthermore, we carry out surface treatment of components, i.e. painting and preservation, as well as preparation for shipment.

    Assembly of mill stands
  • Measuring

    Quality assurance

    High production quality is our hallmark, with quality assurance an essential factor in achieving it. Here we apply our own standards, which go far beyond the usual norms. Our testing and inspection personnel is certified according to ISO 9712. This standard specifies principles for the qualification and certification of personnel carrying out non-destructive testing. To assure the quality of our corrosion protection and colour coatings, several employees are certified as coating inspectors in accordance with NS 476 FROSIO.

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  • Hilchenbach


    Siegerland is an old iron region. This is where the origins of the SMS group lie, with the foundation in 1871 of forging company Carl Eberhard Weiss. Who would have thought then that this would lead to the SMS group of global players? Today, the Hilchenbach production plant ranks among the most modern anywhere in the world.

    Workshop data

    • Our production shop covers 40,000 m2
    • Engineering and production under one roof to ensure efficient order processing
    • Production of core metallurgical and rolling mill components ranging from sophisticated welded structures to mechanically manufactured parts
    • SMS TECademy facility for customer training
    • LernWERK as a blueprint for apprenticeships
    SMS group workshop Hilchenbach
  • Mönchengladbach


    It all started in 1872, when the Meer brothers founded an engineering factory in Mönchengladbach. Today, the location benefits more than ever from its traffic-favorable situation for heavy-load transports: There are two traffic hubs practically on the doorstep - in the north-south direction: freeway 61, and in the west- east direction: freeway 52. Also nearby is Krefeld, where heavy components are loaded onto barges on the river Rhine, taking them ultimately to customers worldwide.

    Workshop data

    • 42,000 m2 devoted to production and assembly
    • Engineering and production under one roof to ensure efficient order processing
    • SMS TECademy facility for customer training
    • Machine park stocked with more than 30 systems for processing components weighing anywhere from 100 kg to 200 t
    • The location features two newly built assembly halls with a total floor-space of more than 6,500 m2
    • Application of SMS manufacturing standards comprising measuring and testing options
    SMS group workshop Mönchengladbach
  • Bhubaneswar


    The new SMS manufacturing and service workshop in Bhubaneswar, state of Odisha, equipped with machinery of the latest state of the art, is strategically located close to our customers. Most of them are within a range of some 300 km. Especially conveniently located are the marine ports of Paradip (140 km) and Vizag (400 km), in close proximity of the plant. Via this gateway, our manufacturing shop will be able to also supply products to markets outside India.

    Workshop data

    • Floor space: 21,000 m2
    • Maximum capacities: crane: 20 t, machines: 15 t
    • Copper plate capacities: 240 broad sides, 300 narrow sides
    • CNC milling machines (with five and three axes)
    • Box-plating stations
    • Immersion baths
    • Testing and inspection devices
    • Laboratory
    • Special tools
    SMS group workshop India
  • Shanghai


    Deployed on site in Shanghai are German manufacturing specialists as well as qualified staff responsible for supplier management. There is a total of 300 employees working in Shanghai. Ranging over 26,000 m2 the site lies 5 km to the west of the river Huangpu. Each of the four assembly halls is 15 meters high, and together they offer 17,000 m2 of floor-space. Crucial to the smooth operations here are the options of reconditioning parts in the machining hall or quickly procuring new parts from the workshop's own parts store.

    Workshop data

    • Floor space: 26,000 m2
    • CNC drilling machine
    • CNC portal milling machine
    • CNC horizontal machining center
    • CNC vertical machining center
    • CNC turning machines
    • Hydraulic test station
    • 4 cranes: max. 63 t
    • 4 assembly halls
    • Parts store
    SMS group workshop China

Contract manufacturing

  • Individual solutions

    First and foremost, our modern workshops are dedicated to producing core products and components from the SMS group range. But it's also usual for us to take on external production orders, e.g. in the following fields:

    • Complex manufacturing of large parts
    • Small series up to a unit weight of 5 t
    • Mechanical drive components
    • Complete transmissions
    • Hydraulic systems and pipe systems
    • Assembly of components for machine tools and for general plant and machinery construction

    We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, also during a personal meeting if you wish.

    Spindle assembly
  • Welding production

    Consequently, SMS ensures top welding quality with employees who are experts in welding many different materials together. To carry out their work, they use welding machines for perfectly even seams. Our production shops hold the manufacturer's qualification for welding works according to certificate EN 1090-2 (comprehensive qualification certificate) as well as the extension according to DIN 15018. It's an approval which confirms that we meet all safety and quality assurance requirements for welding steel constructions.

  • Mechanical production

    Totaling more than 70 systems, our machine tool park is tailored to the specific requirements of heavy plant construction. Included on the shop floor are machining centers, turning and milling centers, center lathes, boring mills, and gantry-type portal milling machines for machining large parts as well as modern grinding machines that produce high surface qualities.

  • Workshop assembly

    Depending on the order, our teams pre-assemble or fully assemble the various products in several assembly halls. The heavy components assembly hall can handle components weighing up to 250 t, and with additional hydraulic equipment, we can even move loads of up to 400 t.

    Spindle assembly


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