The project company

We have geared our entire business towards the success of our customers' projects and assume overall responsibility for the planning and execution of projects. In doing so, we utilize our global network and the comprehensive expertise of our specialists. Our customers can focus on their core business, and we ensure project execution excellence: on schedule, highly efficient, and with the latest technologies including 5D plant engineering.

Handling a project for a customer is like running a temporary enterprise: we provide the project manager, acting as “CEO of the project”, and other core team members and thereby ensure the success of the project by applying our methodological expertise.

Project execution from a single source

One business partner for your projects

On time, to the highest quality standards, and within the agreed budget: We take care of a large variety of projects from feasibility studies for developing projects to turnkey plants, from modernizations of existing equipment to greenfield plants that, for example produce direct reduced iron (DRI) based on natural gas and/or hydrogen, including infrastructure, buildings, customized logistics, and all the necessary auxiliaries. We coordinate takeover points, responsibilities, and the scope of the project with our customers based on their individual requirements. During the implementation process, we use our 5D-supported plant engineering system, which allows the designs to be optimized efficiently and potential problems to be identified at an early stage.

Our “Project First” approach. Highest standards in project management

We operate "temporary enterprises"

Projects are our top priority, which is why we bundle all our competencies – globally. We see each project as its own small company, where the project manager and contract manager are the CEO and CFO respectively, assisted by functional experts from all the necessary disciplines such as engineering, supply chain, construction, scheduling & document management, and commercial & risk management. This is how we bring our customers' projects to a successful close, even under the most challenging conditions.

Benefits for our customers

  • Structured approach: In our codification framework – our universal language – we break down the structure of the whole construction project. This constitutes the basis for the technologies, engineering, time scheduling, services, spare parts, and digital services. This common thread has many advantages throughout the whole lifecycle of the project and for the operation and maintenance of the plant.
  • Global supply chain setup: Each of our projects is assigned a dedicated supply chain manager. This is how we ensure the best technology in the best quality and at the best costs. In order to be well positioned at all times, we continuously expand our procurement markets and respond flexibly to changes in supply chains.
  • Closeness to the customer: Thanks to our regional setup, we are always close to our customers, allowing us to work closely together wherever they are based. Decisions are made in compliance with local specifications and requirements of our SMS Regions.
  • Intensive exchange: We maintain an intensive dialog with our clients in order to be able to react quickly to any changes or external factors.
  • Long-term partnerships: Large-scale projects often last for years – our relationships with customers extend beyond. With our Lifecycle Services, our customers can rely on us as a partner who supports them throughout the entire lifecycle of their equipment.

State-of-the-art tools and methods

The data volume generated in projects is growing continuously. We ensure that the flow of information and data within a project is kept under control, by applying methods and digital tools that have been developed specifically for this purpose. They help us to handle projects on time and to high quality standards, to manage internal and external risks, and to keep costs under control. All applications are interconnected through the common structures defined in our codification framework.


  • 5D plant engineering

    We use 3D technology and virtual reality in all our processes: in the sales phase, engineering, and design. In the future, a 5D plant engineering that additionally includes time and cost information, enables designs to be optimized efficiently and potential problems to be identified early on.

    Bringing the plant to life
    Designing a plant, capturing an existing asset for modernization, or organizing meetings - the use of 3D models and virtual reality is standard in our company. Our software brings together information from a variety of sources and in different formats.

    It brings the plant to life well before it is being built, thus making the whole process much more efficient: 3D animations speed up discussions and the strategic decision-making process, which in turn streamlines project execution and enhances agility – ultimately boosting performance. The global connectivity of people and data enables transparency and cooperation throughout the company.

  • Integrated project time scheduling

    Our customers' projects are constantly growing in size and complexity. They rightly expect us to deliver on time. With our integrated project time scheduling (IPTS), we ensure from the outset that even highly complex projects are completed on time.

    One tool for all project phases
    Our integrated project time scheduling gives all project participants an end-to-end view and thus connects all project phases from planning to execution. Going forward, updates will be managed via a central data hub – all parties involved are kept informed so that countermeasures can be quickly determined in the event of changes and deviations. Standardized planning structures enable the quick definition of work packages on which the time schedule is based. This allows all services to be coordinated efficiently.

  • Plug & Work

    With every SMS project – both new plants and modernizations – we install, test, and optimize the new automation system of the customer's specific plant fully in one of our test fields located around the world. These locations are where we train the customer's operating personnel under very realistic conditions with real-time process simulation that fully depicts the interaction of the plant components. The digital twin shortens the time required for commissioning by up to 30 percent.

    Plug & work test