China, Xining01. Jan 2014

Large bar for automotive and aerospace industries

Xining Special Steel produces high-quality, long round bars with large diameters – so-called “large bars” – are used in the automotive and aerospace industries as well as for engineering use.

These precision large bars are produced in different steel grades including spring steel, bearing steel and stainless steel.

Included are the following core equipment:

  • Hot charging
  • Blooming mill stand
  • Continuous finishing train with eight hydraulic compact stands (HCS®) in V-H-arrangement
  • PROgauge profile measuring system
  • HSC Hydraulic Size Control system
  • Turnover cooling beds
  • Single bar stamping
  • Retarded cooling


Main data

Capacity 800,000 t/year
Finished product Bars in diameters between Ø80 – Ø300 mm
Feedstock length 3 ‒ 12 meters
Steel grades Carbon structural and toll steel, Alloy tool steel, Spring steel, Cold heading steel, Ball bearing steel, Stainless steel
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