Spain, Basauri01. Jan 2018

Modernization of existing bar mill

SMS group used its profound experience to perform an intelligent and efficient modernization of the large bar mill at Sidenor´s Basauri wrks.

The concept prepared in cooperation with the customer allows the production of high-quality round bars. With their quality products, Sidenor meets the highest demands of the automotive sector, energy industry, petrochemical industry and further industrial sectors.

Included among the core components of the integrated plant are:

  • New energy-efficient furnace with SMS ZeroFlame® burners and SMS Prometheus® digital furnace control system
  • New six-stand continuous roughing mill train with CS-two-high mill stands (V-H-arrangement)
  • New flying shear and two additional CS-two-high mill stands (H-V-arrangement) in front of the existing intermediate mill train
  • New flying diving shear behind the existing finishing train


  • Feedstock dimension increase from 185x185 mm to 240x240mm
  • Improved product quality of the finished round bars range from diameters of 29 to 100mm
  • Production of high-grade carbon steels, low and high-alloy quality steels and tool steels, bearing steels and stainless grades


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