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Advanced large-diameter pipe production with JCO® technology

Zhongyou Baoshishun pioneers the first 18m JCOE® pipe production in China with SMS group’s JCO® forming press

SMS group's innovative JCO® pipe forming press represents a significant step forward in large-diameter pipe manufacturing, offering shape flexibility and numerous benefits for producers.

SMS group's JCO® forming press enables precise forming of longitudinally seam-welded pipes. With advanced automation and control systems, the press ensures the production of diameters ranging from 16 to 64 inches and wall thicknesses exceeding 45 mm. This flexibility enables steel manufacturers to cater to diverse market demands while maintaining quality standards.

Automating large-diameter pipe manufacturing

A key feature of SMS group's JCO® technology is its high level of automation, which enhances the production process by providing automatic and centralized control of the forming section. The X-Pact® automation system and Shape technology, optimizes machine parameters in real-time with self-learning algorithms.

Special sensors integrated into the Shape system enable automatic and centralized control of the forming section, minimizing human error and ensuring consistent pipe quality. This sensor technology, integrated into the X-Pact® automation system further minimizes deviations in yield strength during forming.

SMS group's Shape system comprises three modular subsystems: "ShapeBase," "ShapeView," and "ShapeControl." ShapeBase serves as the foundation, while ShapeView provides comprehensive visualization capabilities. ShapeControl, on the other hand, enables precise control over the forming process. Together, these subsystems ensure that pipe manufacturing meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

The X-Pact® automation system includes energy management features and enhanced diagnostics for faster analysis of the production process, allowing fast troubleshooting.

Operating pulpit
Pipe forming with SMS group’s JCO® forming press

Enabling fast commissioning: The X-Pact® Plug & Work integration testing concept

SMS group's X-Pact® Plug and Work integration testing concept enables virtual commissioning of the JCO® machine's automation system prior to on-site start-up. This reduces commissioning time and ensures optimized system performance through pre-testing against a virtual 3D simulation. Original automation hardware and software are installed in X-Pact® Plug & Work test center for testing, with operations and processes simulated in real-time using X-Pact® Vision. Customer personnel are trained during testing and fully prepared for the commissioning. This results in shorter commissioning time and fast start-up of the JCO® forming press, which results for the customer in faster return of investment.

Cost-effective solution for large-diameter pipe manufacturing

The JCO® forming process offers cost savings for manufacturers, with low investment and operating costs making it an efficient option for small to medium-sized production capacities and small batch sizes. In addition to its cost-effectiveness, SMS group's JCO® technology is capable of processing high steel grades with precision, meeting the demands of the oil and gas industry. The fully automated JCO® pipe forming press, equipped with variable speed pumps (VSP) and hydraulic systems, ensures efficient production while minimizing energy consumption by up to 50% compared to conventional systems.

JCO® forming press
JCO® forming press
Zhongyou Baoshishun pioneers the first 18m JCOE® pipe production in China with SMS group’s JCO® forming press

Zhongyou Baoshishun achieves milestone with SMS group's JCO® technology

One of the most notable advantages of SMS group's JCO® technology is its ability to accommodate flexible diameters and large wall thicknesses, catering to a wide range of applications across diverse industries. The JCO® forming process delivers results, with outside diameters ranging from 16" to 56" and lengths of up to 18 meters. This diversity is a great benefit for Zhongyou Baoshishun Steel Pipe Co., industry leader in the pipe industry in China. With SMS group's support, Zhongyou Baoshishun modernized its LSAW plant, incorporating the state-of-the-art 18-meter JCO® forming press to meet the industry's increasing demand for larger pipes.This collaboration has resulted in groundbreaking achievements, including the production of the first 18-meter JCOE® pipe in China.The successful partnership between SMS group and Zhongyou Baoshishun spans over a decade, reflecting a shared commitment to innovation.

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