Centralized operator station

What you get from us is not only our innovative HMI, but also state-of-the-art solutions for the entire control station. Our X-Pact® One Pulpit as a single control pulpit per line or a centralized operator station for the entire plant complex, combines the comprehensive plant visualization concept with advanced process control and operator guidance.

All this adds up to an ideal all-round operation package that reflects the excellence of your plant. Centralized control stations are the next step on the way from decentralized pulpits to integrated operating centers within our X-Pact® Lights-Out concept, where operational expertise can be concentrated through increasing degree of automation and remote control.

X-Pact® One Pulpit

Customer challenges addressed

  • State-of-the-art plant visualization concept
  • Concentrated operational expertise
  • Ergonomics and a clear view of the entire production scene, “joy of use”
  • Operator guidance and support during normal production operation, shift changes, stoppages, customer meetings
  • Central room reflecting the excellence of the plant and the corporate image

Key features

  • Completely networked plant with advanced network structures
  • Enhanced automation solutions
  • Cameras along the line level
  • Reduced on-site crew for operation & maintenance
  • Smart tools for communication with the field personnel for assistance and maintenance activities
  • Central room reflecting materials technology, product quality and productivity, your employees and your corporate image


  • X-Pact® One Pulpit for Hot Strip Mill at PTKS, Indonesia

    Centralized operator station for the full HSM operation

    For PTKS in Indonesia, we installed X-Pact® One Pulpit for the full HSM operation, from which the entire rolling mill, including the coil transportation pallet conveying system, is centrally operated. Complete X-Pact® electrical system and automation comprising the most modern process models as well the advanced network structures including WiFi were the part of the SMS group’s scope of supply for the one of the most modern installation for flat steel production worldwide.

  • Room design

    Clearly arranged, ergonomically, concentration on the essentials

    • Central room control
    • Fast overview of the current situation and production data, central access to electronically available information
    • Sound and light absorbing materials  (with branding opportunity)
    • Operator tables adjustable in height
    • Paperless pulpit with touchscreen
    • System-based recording of error reports, camera control, recording
    • Multimedial internal communication
    • User-friendly even over long working times
    • Adjustable to the layout of your old or new plant
    Room design of a control station for long products
  • Analysis/seating area of the control station

    Wall-mounted touch monitor reflecting the excellence of the plant

    The large multi touch screen, wall-mounted at a reachable height centrally in the control room, is packed full of the latest technology and functions as both a discussion and a plant information center. It provides access to all the data you need for production analysis, performance evaluation, and shift handovers.

    For customer visits also, the discussion monitor with its wide variety of possibilities will become the focal point and thus be predestined to serve as a central meeting place in the plant.

    • Documentation (entire plant documentation)
    • Shift Log & Briefing (scheduled production & unusual events of past production)
    • Analysis (quick and targeted production analysis - short videos, measured data evaluations, production data …)
    • Performance (quality and production information can be compared and evaluated time based)
    Analysis/seating area
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