Within the course of its history, SMS group has incorporated a large number of renowned brands of the like as Demag, Eumuco, Innocenti, Hasenclever, Mevac, or Sack. All of these companies added with their products and projects to our expertise in metallurgical plant engineering. 


Founded in 1819, Demag has been one of Germany's oldest machine companies. The plant engineering became part of SMS group in 1999. 


Eumuco was famous for its forging technology with hydraulic presses, pneumatic and swaging hammer, forging and heading machines, drop forge presses type Maxima and forge rolling.


GHH (or MAN GHH) was a company with long tradition that is part of the SMS group heritage. 


Hasenclever became a global market leader with the development and construction of powerful closed-die eccentric and crank presses. 

Innocenti / SMS Innse

The Italian company supplied components for the metallurgical plant and rolling mill industry and later expanded its portfolio with motor scooters and cars.


Knoevenagel was a specialist for the manufacture of aluminum ingot and edge milling machines as well as band-saw plants.

Maschinenfabrik Sack

Düsseldorf-based Maschinenfabrik Sack was specialized in hot and cold rolling mills as well as continuous casters. 

Maschinenfabrik Meer / SMS Meer

For most of its history, Meer (or Maschinenfabrik Meer) was renowned as a major supplier of the tube and pipe industry. 

Messo / Vacmetal / SMS Mevac

SMS Mevac was founded in 1999 as a result of the merger of Messo Metallurgie and SMS Vacmetal and specialized in secondary metallurgy. 

Moeller & Neumann

The company Moeller & Neumann was a specialist for the manufacture of light section mills and wire rod mills as well as heavy plate finishing lines.


Pro-Eco Ltd. was a global specialist in the manufacture of strip finishing lines and push-pull pickling lines.


The product portfolio of PWS included machinery for producing special pipes, pipe end finishing machines, and hydrostatic pipe testers.


After the foundation in 1969 the company grew into a major manufacturer of plant, machinery, and equipment in the field of light section mills.


Schloemann merged with Siemag in 1973. Together they formed SMS.


SCHUMAG became well-known for its drawing and grinding technology for copper and bright steel.


In 1871 the product range initially comprised tools and carts for the mining and basic materials industries.

Sutton Engineering

The American company Sutton was specialized in extrusion presses. 

Wagner & Co.

Ring roll machines were the trademark product of Wagner & Co.

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