United States, Osceola (AR)01. Jan 2022

Designed for high productivity of high quality steel grades

The Big River meltshop is designed for achieving high productivity of high quality steel grades. Key components of the meltshop are a DC electric arc furnace with a gas cleaning plant and an RH degasser.

The DC electric arc furnace is designed for a nominal heat weight of 150 tons and a power rating of 160 megawatts. It features the SMS group-patented pin-type bottom electrode. The EAF produces heats at a rate of almost 220 tons per hour. A 150-ton twin-station ladle furnace offers the flexibility to treat two heats simultaneously. This proven steelmaking technology ensures that only the highest-quality steel reaches the CSP® thin slab caster.

The gas cleaning plant efficiently and effectively captures and cleans the dust-laden gases emitted by the production units. To comply with the strict environmental protection and work safety regulations at the Osceola location, the company must reliably prevent fugitive emissions. That requires extensive capturing of the strongly varying gas volumes in all operating phases of the steelworks.


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