Investment in the future

The new SMS Campus in Mönchengladbach

The construction work on the new SMS Campus in Mönchengladbach is in full swing. As from fall 2023, the Campus will be home to a new technology, service and digitalization center, bringing the competences of five locations in the region together, providing 1,500 modern workplaces. 

Facts and figures

  • 1,500 modern workplaces on a 44,000 m² site
  • A membrane roof with a diameter of 82 meters connecting all buildings to a unique campus that promotes exchange and creative collaboration
  • High-tech and automated building technology
  • In-house energy center
  • The car park which is approximately 122 m long and approx. 89 m wide will extend over eight levels and accommodate more than 1,570 cars, 48 motorcycles and 115 bicycles
  • Greenery in front of the building with more than 100 trees and plants


Why we build the new campus

  • We stand for technology, digitalization, and service
  • We develop modern workplaces
  • We promote interaction and inspiration
  • We cultivate strong customer relationships
  • We drive innovation
  • We support creative cooperation
  • We invest in the future

What’s happening behind the fence? (August 2023)

We see huge growth potential from the interaction of technical service and digital solutions. Our Campus will enable us to connect these technologies closely with our product units, bringing together specialists from all over the world to form interdisciplinary teams via virtual infrastructures


May 2023: Finalization of the membrane roof

Less than a year ago, the construction of the support structure of the membrane roof were underway. Now, the final steps of our campus highlight are taken. With extreme sensitivity, the air cushions are currently being attached to the roof, which will completely cover our plaza.

May 2023: The interiors take concrete shape

Our workplace of the future is taking shape. More and more areas of the building are accessible, and individual spaces are becoming more and more concrete - for example, the conference hall, which offers many possibilities for internal and external use.

April 2023: Progress in the construction of the parking garage

One year after the start, the Campus parking garage takes more and more shape.

July 2022: Start support structure for membrane roof

The self-supporting membrane roof will be one of the highlights of the Campus, not only because roofs like these have only been used in stadiums up to now but never for industrial applications. The uniqueness of this construction is, that it looks very light and spans the entire plaza between the individual building modules due to the light construction of the rope structure. The ETFE foil of the membrane roof accentuates the lightness of the whole structure, such that it looks like it's floating. That's what makes the plaza the heart of our Campus.

June 2022: Continuation interior work

Our workplace of the future is taking shape. While last year, the first sections of the buildings were accessible, now the interior work clearly shows where the future workplaces, coffee corners and meeting rooms will be available to the employees.

April 2022: Start parking garage work

Since the beginning of the year, much has happened already in the construction of the parking garage. Approximately 122 meters long and 89 meters wide, the parking garage will extend over eight levels and accommodate more than 1,570 cars, 48 motorcycles and 115 bicycles.

June 2021: First sections of the building now accessible

Nine months ago, it all looked very different here: parking spaces, a few buildings, and a soccer pitch. Today, you can already clearly see the first structures in the new SMS group Campus. All five modules, which will radiate outwards from the large dome, are already recognizable – albeit at different stages of construction.

October 2020: Ground-breaking ceremony

With the symbolic ground-breaking ceremony, construction work on the SMS group Campus in Mönchengladbach officially began on 15 October 2020. The dimensions of the campus facility are already clearly identifiable by the ring of excavated soil.

June 2020: Demolition

The demolition work started in June 2020 brings major changes to our company site in Mönchengladbach. To increase sustainability and reduce costs, the demolition material is directly recycled on our site for the construction road.

May 2020: Construction site is opened

On Thursday, 14 May we officially opened the construction site for a major project at our own premises. From 2023, employees in the Rhineland will be united at an innovative Campus in Mönchengladbach, equipped with ultra-modern workplaces.

November 2019: Presentation

SMS group, global market leader in plant construction and mechanical engineering for the steel and nonferrous metals industry, is moving to an innovative Campus in 2023. It is being created next to the existing buildings on the Mönchengladbach site.

Key features

Technology, service and digitalization center

With the innovative Campus, we are harnessing the pulling power of the growth areas of service and digitalization to expand our pioneering position in technology.

Workplaces of the future

We are creating an attractive working environment for (future) talents. At the same time, we are responding to the needs of our long-standing employees, whose experience remains the basis for our future success.


The SMS campus consists of 5 individual modules offering a total of 1,500 modern workplaces on a site spanning approximately 66,000 m².

Mönchengladbach location

As a business hub for technology and service, the campus brings modern jobs, innovation and economic strength to the city of Mönchengladbach, which in turn offers an attractive working and living environment.

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Photos: SMS group / Building by Hartmann Architekten BDA / Renderings by Hartmann Architekten BDA

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