Environmental-friendly reheating of ingots, slabs, billets, blooms and beam blanks

Over 100 furnaces in twenty years confirm SMS group's leadership in environmental friendly reheating and heat treatment solutions. We continue on our pathway of innovation for delivering excellent performances to our customers for the years to come!

Our expertise covers

  • Furnaces ranging from 10 to 400 tons per hour capacity processing the most diverse semi-products
  • Best in the industry efficiency level, as low as 250 kcal/kg
  • Burners with the capability of firing with multiple fuels, from any kind of fossil, to iron-making off gases to hydrogen
  • SMS-ZEROFlame® flameless technology that ensures NOx lower than 40 ppm
  • The most advanced mathematical model of SMS-Prometheus® system

Furnace types

  • Pusher type furnace

    Affordable investment combined with robust design

    Main data

    Pusher furnaces are typically suitable for low-production mills for common steel grades, for example rebar mills. Top-fired pusher type furnaces combine the benefits of a sturdy construction and simplicity in design with low consumption. Top and bottom-fired pusher type furnaces are capable of high production rates. Pusher type furnaces are an inexpensive, yet sturdy and reliable, alternative to more sophisticated walking hearth furnaces or walking beam furnaces for the production of long and flat products.

  • Walking beam furnace

    High productivity combined with operational flexibility

    Main data

    SMS group walking beam furnaces, both top and bottom-fired, allow for high production rates and top quality steel grades. Billets, heavy blooms, slabs and beam blanks can be processed. Walking beam furnaces feature special skid beams with cast alloy parts which endure high temperatures and mechanical stresses. SMS group continuously works on the development and integration of new designs and materials. Thanks to the advanced combustion system, all SMS walking beam furnaces are highly flexible in operation.

  • Walking hearth furnace

    High production rates at minimum specific consumption figures

    Main data

    Walking hearth furnaces are the optimum choice for many long products mills with production rates of up to 150 tons per hour. A major advantage of this furnace type is that it allows for very low specific consumption figures, achieved thanks to the absence of water-cooled elements inside the furnace.

  • Rotary hearth furnace

    Reheating and heat treatment for seamless tube production

    Main data

    We believe in holistic solutions as the key to quality leadership. That’s why we combine our seamless tube mill with high-end furnaces. Both, rotary hearth furnaces and shell reheating furnaces, are fully integrated into the rolling process. They combine high capacities with special materials and components for maximum temperature endurance to withstand the high temperatures typical of this process – in order to reduce your maintenance costs.

    High-tech combustion systems guarantee temperature uniformity and minimum energy consumption.

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  • SMS-Zeroflame®: Flameless high efficiency burners

    Versatile burners for optimized combustion

    SMS group applies a new concept in burner design and development and is capable for offering a full line of advanced SMS-ZEROFLAME® burners. These are available in a wide range of power sizes and in different models suitable for varied application. Different products require different temperature profiles. With SMS-ZEROFLAME® burners, plant engineers can flexibly adapt the combustion parameters to diverse process conditions.


    • Steady flame below 850 °C, NOx <150 mg/Nm3 at 3% O2 DFG
    • Extra Low NOx emissions <80 mg/Nm3 at 3% O2 DFG
    • Three working modes: Flame mode, flameless mode, overboost mode
    • Suitable for retrofitting existing furnaces
  • SMS-PrometheusTM

    Combustion optimization system for tailored steel quality and reduced fuel consumption

    With SMS-PrometheusTM, plant operators are able to boost their furnace’s overall performance. The advanced combustion optimization system improves those parameters that can make the difference in special steel quality production. SMS-PrometheusTM allows for targeted improvements of the metallurgical properties, for example increased temperature uniformity or minimized negative effects such as steel decarburization or high scale formation.


    • Fuel only as much as needed
    • Energy savings even during non-productive time
    • Efficiency index
    • Advanced features roughing mill pyrometer feedback, skid marks effect prediction, pacing model
    • Full report system integrated with Level 2 automation
    • Metallurgical client available to customer experts for simulating and creating heating recipes off-line
  • SMS-Zeromark® system

    Minimization of skid marks

    The SMS-Zeromark® system is based a continuously changing of contact point between the beams and the stock, by means of an advance design of walking beam system.


    • Elimination of rolling troubles, better stability of rolling force
    • Better temperature homogeneity resulting in no need to overheat and better overall efficiency
    • Better gauge tolerance in strip thickness
    • Avoidance of differences of recrystallization during rolling in the finishing mill

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