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Tarcento, San Donato Milanese, Brescia (Omav and Hydromec) and Genoa (Paul Wurth) are the main locations of SMS group in Italy, that gather long-lasting expertise and competences in the management of continuing research in science and technology. This keeps the company at the forefront of innovation. Tarcento is our headquarters in Italy, which serves customers in Italy and the Balkans.


The history of SMS group S.p.A. dates back to 1933, when one part of the group was first founded. The strength of the company stems from the several individual groups that merged their years of experience in the sector. And we are a concrete proof that the combination is greater than the sum of its parts, which has resulted in the leading company in the world of metals.

S.I.M.A.C. S.p.A. – SMS Meer

S.I.M.A.C. S.p.A. was founded in 1969 by a group of entrepreneurs who were operating in the steel industry, with a consistent level of technical and marketing experience.


In 1933, Ferdinando Innocenti set up a company in Milan, Innocenti Società Generale, to produce large-size components for the metallurgical plant and rolling mill industry.


SMS Concast in Italy was born as Continua International Continuous Casting S.p.A. in 1962, with its headquarters in Genoa. In 1987, the collaboration with Concast Standard of Zurich started, and in 1995, the company changed its name to Continua Concast S.p.A.

Paul Wurth Italia

Paul Wurth Italia S.p.A. was founded in 1960, taking over the heritage of Italimpianti.

It was in 2005 that Paul Wurth Italia joined Paul Wurth as a result of the take-over of the blast furnace, cokemaking and direct reduction activities of the former SMS Demag S.p.A.

Fully integrated in the SMS group in 2021, Paul Wurth Italia enriches the group with its plant builder experience and expertise in the design and supply of technological solutions for the primary stage of integrated steelmaking.

Hydromec S.R.L.

Hydromec is a highly successful international player in the field of forging presses and ring rolling machines for steel. Founded in 1980 by Francesco Meschini, along with three other associates, Hydromec entered the market with the innovative design of a closed die forging press attracting new customers who immediately acknowledged the benefits of the press. In addition, Hydromec has long-term expertise in the hot forming sector of brass and aluminum, which helps to strengthen the competitiveness of SMS group in these markets.


Founded in 1952, OMAV has extensive expertise and a solid reputation in the extrusion industry. OMAV and SMS group have been cooperating as strategic business partners in the supply of complete extrusion plants for aluminum since 2011. SMS group’s participation in 2017 underlined the success of this productive partnership and has now resulted in a full takeover. OMAV has been a wholly owned subsidiary of SMS group since the end of September 2020.


  • Workshops

    The background and expert skills acquired throughout many years around the world on steel plants has created a team of motivated people with a sense of belonging to the SMS group.

    The development and application of the most modern repair technologies as well as the use of better-performing materials is possible thanks to the continuing work together with the technical office.

    The close contact with the customers allows us to be constantly informed about product quality and performance.

    Pre-assembly of pump skids
  • Tarcento

    The Tarcento workshop, part of SMS group S.p.A., is located in Tarcento, inside the Italian headquarters. There, our experienced colleagues operate in a 6,300 m2 area for warehousing and 3,200 m2 for assembly. The assembly capabilities reach 14,000 h/year internally and 15,000 h/year externally.

    Our workshop offers many types of equipment for internal assembly: Sears, VCC, MeerDrive, wire rod blocks, vacuum pumps, robots for sampling, tying machines, and HSD.

  • Treviolo

    The workshop is located near the city of Bergamo, 10 km away from the international airport of Orio al Serio and the Dalmine exit of the A4 highway.

    Treviolo’s workshop area consists of 2,500 m2. With the refurbishment of hot strip mills, strip processing lines, plate mills, roughing mills, pipe mills, and cold rolling mills, the workshop offers the best possible service for your equipment and processes.

    Pre-assembly of PQF® plant in Treviolo


Join our SMS group S.p.A. team

SMS group is one of the international leaders in engineering and steelmaking. Our global success is a combination of innovations, both in work management and processes and team harmony. Indeed, these two elements are the key factors responsible for our worldwide growth and recognition.

We believe that our commitment to constantly creating new solutions for our customers and our ability to offer a diversified work experience, stretching across different countries and continents, are unique factors that our brand is proud to represent.

However, our worldwide competitiveness and achievements would never have been possible without our employees. We evaluate our workers as the most valuable resource we have at our disposal. In fact, our company can express only the deepest gratitude for the commitment, the enthusiasm for their work, and the diligence shown every day from each of our 400+ employees.

To apply, please send your CV to personnel@sms-group.com

HR policies

Our human resources policies are all oriented to encourage the development of a clear and respectful work environment. As mentioned before, the dedication of our employees is of the utmost importance. In return, we decided to create a peaceful workplace, where reliability and dedication can become fundamental pillars.

In order to generate such a habitat, we decided to focus our policies on one fundamental value: transparency. We believe that a transparent and clear company can create a relationship based on trustworthiness with its employees, enhancing the pros on both sides. We strongly believe that our social orientation is a key in terms of our development and the the global satisfaction of our workers – and will continue to be in the future.

Moreover, we decided to implement further grades of policies, which consist of internal rules and regulations aimed at improving the productivity and the strategic targets of SMS group as a whole.

Lastly, in our opinion it is important to underline that our HR department is clearly focused on promoting the respect of all the norms and regulations in force in Italy, Europe, and globally, in order to once again ensure respect for the rights of workers and to secure the sustainable and correct development of our business. 

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