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SMS group K.K. was founded in 2011 for Japanese customers who place great demands on the quality and design of SMS group’s products, technologies, and services. Our Tokyo office builds a bridge between you, the customer, and SMS companies, which offer an excellent basis for providing the best individual solutions for you.

In 2012, Paul Wurth has joined hands with the Japanese company IHI Corporation to create a new Joint Venture company in Tokyo, called Paul Wurth IHI Co., Ltd. With its employee base of around 100 people, the company offers the entire portfolio of our most advanced iron and coke making technologies to customers in Japan.


  • SIS injector

    SIS burner for lower energy input

    What’s unique about the SMS Injection System (SIS) is its combination of burner and injector technology. This not only accelerates scrap melting and decarburization of the steel bath, but also cuts the consumption of expensive resources such as oxygen. Versatile as well as effective, SIS is perfect for integration into new EAFs or for retrofitting. As a result, you save on every ton of steel you produce. That ensures you recoup your investment very quickly

    • Tremendous natural gas savings (30–80 percent)
    • Easy handling due to low weight (18 kg)
    • Low maintenance costs
  • Condoor®

    Every EAF melting cycle involves the formation of new slag and then its safe removal. Condoor facilitates all activities carried out in the slag door area for improved performance, safety, quality, and reduced costs.

    • Increased safety thanks to fully automatic operation
    • Reduced overall operational costs thanks to reduced electrode consumption, lower electrical energy, and carbon injection costs
    • Assured return on investment due to increased productivity and yield
  • TS-PRO Sampler

    In environments that pose considerable risk to humans, the SMS group’s robot TS-Pro Sampler can execute certain demanding tasks with high precision. Sampling the melt and determining the temperature and the hydrogen content can all now be done safely and efficiently. The heavy-duty articulated robot arm was developed for sampling operations in electric arc and ladle furnaces, as well as vacuum degassers.

    • Increased operational safety – no more personnel in dangerous locations
    • Shorter power-off times thanks to fast, consistent sampling operations
    • Flexible use – easy installation in narrow spaces, automatic cartridge exchange, free selection of sampling point
  • HD mold

    HD mold is a device for checking the temperature profile of molten steel in the mold using the optical fibers. Comparing the conventional thermocouple, sensor numbers are drastically increased and high resolution observation of molten steel is possible.

    HD mold is a temperature measurement device using a high density of fibre optical sensors (FO) along the full height of the mold.

    Compared with the conventional thermocouple the direct visualization of the local strand shell thickness and of the respective thicknesses of the liquid and solid mold powder layers is only possible with HD moldFO optical fiber technology.

    • High-resolution display of temperature profile
    • Sticker detection rate up to 100 percent
    • Improvement of alarm rate > 30 percent
    • Safe detection of longitudinal facial cracks ≥ 4 cm
  • TBK laser measurement

    Laser light section measurement from TBK

    Whether it’s tube, rail, bar, wire rod, beam, channel, or another section, SMS group teamed up with TBK Automatisierung und Messtechnik to offer the right measuring system for all rolled metal products. The measuring system operates on the basis of the ‘laser light section’ technology using four, eight, or more sensors performing synchronous, contact-free measurements over the entire cross-section. The sensors developed by TBK measure up to 5,000 contours per second. By using SurfTec from TBK, you will also be able to continuously monitor your products for surface defects fully automatically and during ongoing production.

  • HybrEx®

    SMS HybrEx® is the new extrusion press generation from SMS group that employs a hybrid drive concept: Ancillary movements where the emphasis is on speed and precision are performed by high-speed electric servo drives, while the hydraulic drive is used only for the generation of high forces for the extrusion process, for discard shearing, and for cassette shifting. Compared to conventional extrusion presses, hybrid drive technology significantly reduces energy consumption up to 55 percent (depending on the field of application).

  • Tilting refining furnace

    Tilting refining furnaces (TRF) and elliptical tilting refining furnaces (ETRF) are based on an improved scrap charging system and semiautomatic skimming that keeps the operators at a safe distance from the molten metal. They are designed for the melting, refining, and casting of copper scrap in one flexible unit. The copper scrap is charged in the form of bales or loose scrap via the charging doors or injected as fines.

    Furthermore, it is possible to charge liquid material via launders from the recycling of lower-grade material in a BlueSmelter or TBRC (top-blown rotary converter). The units can also be offered ‘H2-ready’, enabling CO2-reduced copper production. The tilting furnace is also used for FRHC (Fire-refined High-conductivity) copper production to partially replace cathodes by a fire-refined semi product. By combining the tilting refining furnace with a casting wheel, high-quality anodes are produced. The TRF is designed for large capacities up to 500 tons and the ETRF for capacities up to 100 tons.


The first SMS equipment introduced to Japan was via a seamless steel pipe plant in the 1930s, followed by wire rod rolling facilities in the 1950s, supporting the growth of the Japanese steel industry. SMS group K.K. was established in 2011 with the aim of providing direct local support to customers in Japan.

Nov 2011

Establishment of SMS Meer K.K. in Tokyo

April 2012

Foundation symposium was held at the German Embassy

April 2014

Company name change to SMS group K.K. following the merger of the two German headquarters’ companies

June 2021

Beginning of collaboration with Paul Wurth IHI in the steelmaking area, movement together into one office

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