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An entire metallurgical complex can be integrated into one centralized operating station, where everything comes together to ensure perfect running. It's where your operators monitor and guide the whole process. Their link to the plant is our HMI system. It maps the production process and provides all the necessary information. Included here is a visualization interface developed by SMS group that draws on the human ability to perceive and process information.

Cameras installed along the production line provide the basis for centralized operator monitoring, thus eliminating the need for operating activities in the harsh environmental conditions commonly found in the metallurgical industry. The automation system utilizes AI video analytics to respond to abnormal situations during production. The level of automation is improved and a breakthrough in intelligent manufacturing with centralized remote control has been achieved with the help of AI technology. 

Our X-Pact® Lights-Out concept makes it possible to operate plant complexes from centralized on-site or even off-site operator stations.

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