Modern worplaces

The new campus will offer modern workplaces. There will be space for agile work, generous social and communication areas and large conference zones. The SMS group Campus offers the ideal environment for flexible project work in interdisciplinary teams collaborating virtually around the world.

The working environment offers maximum flexibility, so employees can deliver projects reliably while keeping the focus on the customer. To this end, the environment can be adapted to specific needs with little effort.

Activity based working

Areas for meetings have an active floor as well as active standing seats and active stools to relieve the spine and strengthen the trunk muscles. Wall cushions provide relief when standing. Instead of individual offices, there are tailor-made FlexRooms in which confidential work is possible.

Photo: SMS group / Building: Hartmann Architekten BDA
Photo: SMS group / Building: Hartmann Architekten BDA

Young and old

The Campus bridges generations and offers a home for diverse cultures. We create an attractive working environment for (future) talents, e.g. with childcare facilities and flexible working hours. At the same time, our workplace concept responds to the needs of our long-standing employees, whose experience remains the basis for our future success.