Lifecycle services

We strive to be the lifecycle partner for our customers. We offer long-term contracts ranging from single services to service bundles and integrated service solutions also in combination with performance-based payment models.


  • Flat products caster mold refurbishment

    SMS group refurbishes molds with performance-based payment model

    SMS group successfully refurbishes flat products caster copper molds for various customers around the world and takes care of mold disassembly, refurbishment, copper plating, re-assembly and alignment in its own workshop close to customer premises. The pricing models are ranging from menu pricing to performance based payments based on casted tonnage.   

    Refurbishment of caster molds
  • Technical outsourcing services

    SMS group takes over, manages and performs maintenance and repair services

    SMS group offers to take over, manage and perform maintenance and repair services for machines and complete plants and has various running successfull references. One of them is the takeover of the complete maintenance of six casters for a leading customer since 2009.

    The technical outsourcing service covers the complete mechanical equipment, the utility systems and the X-Pact® automation.

    The main service components are:

    • Mold & segment workshop operation ("off-line“)
    • Operational ("Online”) maintenance
    • IMMS® - Maintenance Management System
    • Spare parts warehousing & management
    • 24/7 Remote Support

    SMS group achieved together with the customer year-on-year maintenance cost reduction and quality, yield & productivity improvements.

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