Automation for bar and wire mills and section and billet mills

Our X-Pact® (Process Automation Control Technology) for long products is especially designed to meet the process requirements for the production of wires, rails, beams, tubes or pipes. So, whatever you want, from individual sensors, through drive and control technology, right up to planning and implementation of computer-aided information and control systems: with X-Pact® we supply complete solutions.

We implement the vast technological experience of SMS group in our X-Pact® products, solutions and functions for long products and provide an excellent basis for digital applications.


  • Power supply and drive systems for greater sustainability
  • Innovative measuring systems and instrumentation
  • Modular basic and process automation packages with process and production models
  • Digital commissioning of automation systems during the X-Pact® Plug & Work integration test
  • Innovative X-Pact® Vision HMI-concept for smart operation and visualization
  • New standard for the future automatic control with X-Pact® Process Guidance
  • Diagnostics for startup, devices, sequences, safety, and plant operation
  • Quality monitoring and condition analysis for predictive maintenance
  • Fast start-up and commissioning
  • Perfect infrastructure for remote support with X-Pact® Service

OT products and solutions for long products

Integration of the latest technologies into automation

X-Pact® Technological Control System (TCS)

Enables process control in real time and entails optimization of product dimensions

X-Pact® Minimum Tension Control (MTC)

Provides the condition of minimal tension on the material between the stands

X-Pact® Hydraulic Size Control (HSC)

Ensures target product dimensions along the entire length

X-Pact® Screw Down Optimizer

Shortens the adjusting time of the AGC cylinders between the runs

X-Pact® Pass Schedule Calculation (PSC®)

Physical based process model for perfect set-up generation

X-Pact® Quicksetting

Intelligent setting system for HF tube welding lines

X-Pact® Level 2

Level 2 functions for production planning, process engineering, monitoring, reporting

Controlled Cooling Technology (CCT®)

Cooling line automation with two versions: the CCT® offline system and the CCT® online System

Prometheus RHF Optimization system

Better combustion for customized steel quality and less fuel consumption

X-Pact® electrics and automation
Control room of the bar mill at Qingdao Iron and Steel, China
SMS group Large Bar Mill at Sidenor Basauri in Spain
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