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The know-how and technology associated with traditional brands such as Eumuco and Hasenclever is pooled today in SMS group’s closed-die forging. Since 2020, Hydromec has been part of SMS group and is especially competent in the closed-die forging of non-ferrous materials, such as aluminum and brass.

Whether you are interested in eccentric presses, screw presses, wedge presses, hydraulic closed-die presses, multiway presses, all upline and downline forming accessories, or the entire automation and spraying technology – SMS group offers everything you need for closed-die forging. What’s more, with over 4,280 reference plants built worldwide, we draw on perhaps the greatest wealth of experience in this field.

Plant types

  • Eccentric presses

    Precision, productivity, faster setup

    SMS group offers state-of-the-art stroke-bound eccentric forging presses with the die-former series. They come complete with automation and a rapid die-changing function, so that our closed-die presses can be used for practically any forging application – such as hot and warm forging, and forging with or without flash.

    Our portfolio of eccentric presses comprises:

    • Mechanical eccentric presses
    • Presses with MEERtorque® servo drive concept
    • Modular series Ecopress EP
    Eccentric press
  • Wedge presses

    High precision in forging of long parts

    What makes our KP wedge presses stand out is their extremely high forging precision. You can also rely on high productivity because the machines apply the full nominal force to several dies in a row.

    Way ahead of the competition – Our wedge presses are perfect for forging long parts that demand close thickness and offset tolerances over the whole length. Typical fields of application here are twin con rods, front axles for trucks, crankshafts, balancing shafts, camshafts, and other precision forgings.


    • High longitudinal rigidity
    • Large wedge surface area for greater connection with the ram and exceptionally broad force distribution
    • Flat wedge surfaces permit a wide die space with minimum ram tilting
    • High productivity due to fast stroke rate
    Wedge press
  • Screw presses

    High forming force meets forging precision

    The energy-bound high-performance screw presses from SMS group have universal applications. They combine high forming force with a simultaneous high forging precision. SMS group offers two types of presses, depending on your application:

    • Clutch-operated screw presses SPKA
    • Screw presses with direct electric drive SPE

    Our screw presses with continuously revolving flywheel and integral clutch give you alternative options no other press type offers you. These energy-bound presses produce all kinds of forgings. Screw presses with direct electric drive differ from flywheel-driven screw presses in that the driven spindle is connected directly to the drive motor without intermediate gearboxes or other mechanisms.

    Screw press
  • Preform rolls

    The forging rolls and cross rolls from SMS group impress with their clear design and high reliability. The machines are particularly suited to the preforming of forgings where the mass distribution of the preform is required.

    Forging roll
  • Hydraulic presses

    Reliable production of complex, large-size forgings

    SMS group offers hydraulic closed-die forging presses with forces of between 10 and 1,000 MN. Whether it’s safety-relevant parts for the aerospace industry, high-quality aluminum wheels for vehicles, or other complex, large-size forgings, hydraulic closed-die forging presses always produce reliable, high-precision results.

    The required press force is perfectly matched to the design of the press, which is built according to the relevant force demands and the prevailing conditions on-site: with two or four columns, in the push-down or pull-down design. This enables our customers to attain a high level of reproducibility with very close tolerance specifications. The press speeds of between 0.01 and 100 mm/sec can be realized and controlled thanks to the state-of-the-art hydraulic components.

    Hydraulic press
  • Hydraulic multiway presses

    Multi-talent for complex forgings

    Multiway presses from SMS group meet the most stringent demands when it comes to manufacturing complex parts with large dimensions, such as universal joints or huge sea valves for the oil and gas industry. Our multiway presses are a further technological development based on decades of expertise in press construction and forging technology. This allows complex product geometries without burrs and outstanding metallurgical properties to be achieved. The presses can also be used as conventional closed-die forging presses.

    Our multiway presses shape the forging piece on both the vertical and horizontal axis. If necessary, other internal cylinders can be extended to produce the desired inside geometries. Our technologists use FEM analyses to calculate the optimal process flow and deformation rates for each product. Like all press solutions from SMS group, our multiway presses are designed for continuous operation.

    Multiway press

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Presses for dedicated materials


  • MEERtorque® drive technology

    High forming energy, lower power consumption

    MEERtorque® is an innovation that applies advanced torque motor technology to reduce pressure dwell times. MEERtorque® for forging presses works on the principle of separating the pure press movement from the energy supply.  

    At the first glance, the drivetrain of the press looks like the drivetrain of a conventional press with a clutch and a flywheel. The special feature of the system is its type of acceleration. Instead of accelerating with the conventional friction clutch, it uses a torque drive, which is attached directly to the eccentric shaft. As soon as the shaft reaches the same speed as the flywheel, the clutch is engaged without any friction losses. The energy provided by the flywheel can then be used for the required forming work. After forging, the clutch is released again. To decelerate the drivetrain, the torque motor is switched to generator mode. The energy is either fed back to the power supply net or charges the flywheel to bring it back up to speed.

    Excenterpress with MEERtorque
  • iForge traceability

    Data tracking of every single forged part

    SMS group offers a unique solution for the digitalized and smart tracking of every single forged part, from which closed-die forging shops and their customers can profit over the long term. The built-in sensors continuously gather process data, and store them in an endless database that is kept for the product throughout the whole process.

    Our tracking method combines two marking techniques – dot peen marking and laser marking. In the forging process, we apply a code to the forging with a dot peen marking machine. This code also lasts through all subsequent processing steps. It is only when the final workpiece surface is produced that the dot peen marking code is removed during machining and the laser code is applied straight away.

    This code is unique, thereby ensuring that all data obtained in the process chain are assigned to the correct forging and stored immediately in its related data record. This means that it can be traced through all stages of the process right back to the material used as feedstock.


    • Precise CO2 value for forged components
    • Cost reduction through high process transparency along the entire process
    • Minimization of recalls risk
  • 3D spraying technology

    Proven technology taken one step further

    SMS group now goes a step further with the new, additive-manufactured 3D spray heads: The external-mix two-fluid nozzles produce an extremely fine aerosol. The homogeneous, constant-over-time spray pattern provides for a long tool service life and optimal spraying results. The nozzles can be switched individually or in zones and offset in time.

    3D printed spray head


    • Lightweight design and low structure height
    • Spatial nozzle arrangement customized to the client
    • Low installation and maintenance costs
    • Leak-free system in one-part construction
    • Flow-optimized form to prevent deposits in the canals
    • Prevention of spray medium collection on the spray head
    • Homogeneous spray pattern due to demand-oriented design and free arrangement of the individual nozzles, also at an angle
    • Operating pressure of between three and ten bar can be used
    • Fast acquisition due to automated construction

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