In November 2008, SMS acquired the mechanical engineering and construction division of SCHUMAG, which was founded in 1830 in Aachen as a needle manufacturer, and in 1994 took over the product portfolio of engineering factory Th. Kieserling & Albrecht. This enabled SMS to expand its manufacturing program to include drawing and grinding technology for copper and bright steel.

The company continued to be operated as SMS SCHUMAG from its location in Aachen. In doing so, SMS acknowledged the good name and product reputation of the "SCHUMAG" brand. Its subsidiaries abroad included Schumag Machinery in China and MRB SCHUMAG in the U.K.

The Aachen location was dissolved in 2015 and SMS SCHUMAG was then managed within SMS group out of Mönchengladbach. 

Spinner block
Bar straightener
Combined drawing line