The future is vertical

BOXBAY is an international joint-venture we formed with global trade enabler DP World. The High Bay Storage system was originally developed by SMS group subsidiary AMOVA for round the clock handling of metal coils that weigh as much as 50 tons each in racks as high as 50 meters. AMOVA is the first company to transfer this proven technology to the port industry.


  • Revolutionizing container storage in ports

    A BOXBAY High Bay Storage system offers an eco-friendly solution and sets new standards in storage capacity, performance, and the digitalization of ports.

    BOXBAY is offering different solutions for container storing and handling by means of High Bay Storage (HBS) systems - a disruptive technology that significantly improves operations at container terminals. Instead of stacking containers directly on top of each other BOXBAY places each container in an individual rack, making each one directly accessible. The storage capability of the terminals is enhanced by stacking containers as high as 11 tiers. BOXBAY gives the answer to the growing volume of goods traffic in sea ports and presents an opportunity to significantly increase supply chain decarbonization.

  • BOXBAY benefits at a glance
    • Modular and fully scalable
    • Massive space savings
    • Operational efficiency, no re-shuffling
    • ULCS readiness
    • Optimization of CAPEX and OPEX
    • Digital readiness
BOXBAY helps ports to prepare for the future. A fast, smart, and green revolution of container handling.

Port of the future

  • Fast

    In order to improve their market opportunities and boost profitability, port operators are under constant pressure to reduce their operating costs and streamline or automate their processes. With BOXBAY all these requirements can be fulfilled.

    • Direct container access at any time: each container is stored in an individual compartment
    • 100 % utilization is possible (vs. max. 70-80 % in conventional yards)
    • Elimination of all unproductive moves
    • No shuffling or housekeeping (vs. 30-60 % in conventional yards)
    • Performance is independent from utilization and thus predictable
    • Late runners, roll overs have no performance impact
    • Truck turn around time well under 30 min
  • Smart

    BOXBAY makes the vision of the “Smart Port” - the intelligent, completely networked port using latest digitalization tools such as IoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence - much more real.

    • Highly reliable and performant total automation system from Level 0 to Level 3
    • Automation concept is single source delivery
    • HBS digitalization package mainly comprises: Energy distribution and management
    • Highly efficient drive systems
    • Control and visualization
    • Warehouse management system (HBS TOS)
    • Business Intelligence module
    • Works with any TOS
  • Green

    BOXBAY is an example, especially for future generations, that shows that economic efficiency and sustainability are no contradiction but that the two complement each other very well – if done in the right way.

    • Small terminal footprint & outstanding sustainability
    • No local CO2 emissions: with green energy supply even zero CO2
    • High energy efficiency
    • Fully electrically driven with power regeneration
    • Solar power plant on roof
    • Noise suppressed operation
    • Lack of light pollution
    • Better public acceptance in urban environments
    • Green wall cladding possible

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