150 years of shaping the future - this is our motto that accompanies us this year as we celebrate our anniversary. On the occasion of our 150th anniversary, we look back on an eventful history - and an innovative future.

Guided by values for 150 years

For 150 years, our journey has been accompanied by our values ACT, SHARE, CARE, INNOVATE and SUCCEED. Our values have always been an integral part of the success and growth of our family business. They are a promise to our customers, our employees and distinguish us as a company on our mission to #turningmetalsgreen. Our values are what shapes us at SMS and what drives us to be successful in the future.

ACT. We take ownership and are empowered

With autonomy and flexibility, we have the freedom to take decisions. We act purposefully to achieve the goals of the company. 

SHARE. We value teamwork and global cooperation

We share and seek advice from our colleagues. We celebrate different perspectives and proactively strive to find solutions.

CARE. We build our culture on diversity and integrity

We respect and trust each other and look out for people’s health, safety and wellbeing. We are socially and environmentally responsible.

INNOVATE. We drive excellence and sustainable innovation

We foster sustainability by developing green solutions. We are passionately committed to continuous improvement.

SUCCEED. We understand our customers and create value for them.

We listen, we ask, we learn. We adapt to local needs and reliably deliver outstanding services and products.

#SMSFamily since 150 years

As part of SMS our employees are also particularly part of our values, because it is through all of them that our values are lived, who all together make 150 years of SMS possible. Thanks to our #SMSFamily today we are much more than a plant engineering company - we are one of the leading companies in the sustainable transformation of the steel industry. It is our technologies and competences that make green steel possible, which is a testament to the innovative strength, commitment and strategic vision that drives SMS. 150 years of SMS are a reason to celebrate and that’s exactly what we are doing – at every location.

Our series: Six dates that shaped SMS

What is the relevance of history for a company? What does it mean for our customers? What is the connection between young employees in Brazil or India today and men who lived in Europe five generations ago? And what impulses can we draw from history to inspire our future? These are the questions we asked ourselves and aim to answer in our six-part series. Our journey begins by delving into the roots of SMS, tracing its evolution into a global enterprise, highlighting projects and innovations, and will conclude in discussing the future of the industry: digitalization and green metals.

Strong roots - one company

1871: Carl Eberhard Weiss starts a forging business

Global reach and local expertise

1904: We supply our first rolling mill to China

A partner for megaprojects

1952: Building an integrated steel plant in India

Pioneering solutions

1989: We invent CSP® – a revolution in sustainability

From plant supplier to lifecycle partner

2016: The Learning Steel Plant

On a mission: #turningmetalsgreen

2023: Shaping the future of metals

Treasures from our archives

SMS began documenting important projects on film as early as the 1960s. These films are exciting testimonies, as they not only show how we worked back then, but also breathe the spirit of times gone by. Enjoy with a smile!

A portrait of Siemag from the 1960ies shows the handling of a project from order to construction, production and delivery. A must-see (German only).

A mega project in the 1980ies, when SMS supplied a complete flat steel production complex to Baosteel (China)

SMS chronicle

To commemorate our 150th anniversary, we commissioned renowned German historian Professor Gregor Schöllgen to write a new chronicle on the history of SMS. To this end, he dove deep into our company archives and conducted extensive interviews with Heinrich Weiss. Over 600 pages long, the book “SMS. A German Plant Manufacturer in the World (1871–2021)” provides a detailed illustration of our story so far, from modest beginnings as a forge in the Siegerland region up to the present day. It is currently only available in German, an English version will be published in January 2024.

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A deep-dive into our history

You want to learn more about the history of SMS group and how we developed from a small forging company and supplier to local industry into a global technology company? Here you find more information about the company, markets, innovations, people and places. 

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