The project

STEEL DYNAMICS INC. – A new dimension

In autumn 2021, the new flat steel complex of Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI) will start operation. In Sinton, Texas (USA), SDI will produce 2.7 million metric tons of high-quality flat steel per year and the town will become the gateway of SDI for the markets of South-Western USA and Mexico.

But how does such a big project come into reality? The answer is: team work. Both within the SMS group as well as with suppliers and of course with the customer: SDI. Stay with us and follow the project from ground-breaking to the development of the site, the equipment design and manufacturing, the delivery to the US, the commissioning phase to the start of production.

The site

SDI site in Sinton, Texas (May 2021)
Erection of mill stands (May 2021)
Erection of hot rolling mill stands (May 2021)
May 2021
SDI site in Sinton, Texas (March 2021)
Arrival of mill stands for the cold rolling mill (November 2020)
Works go on 24/7 (November 2020)
SMS group site camp (November 2020)
Foundation works SDI Sinton, Texas (November 2020)
Night shift (November 2020)
Mark Millet (CEO, Steel Dynamics Inc.) and Burkhard Dahmen (CEO, SMS group) (November 2020)
SDI site in Sinton Texas (November 2020)
SDI site in Sinton Texas (November 2020)

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Installation of mill housings – May 2021

The next milestone: Installation of the mill housings for the CSP® Nexus plant.

Setting of mill housings
Virtual integration test – April 2021

"If the customer cannot get to the test field, the test field comes to the customer"

Remote virtual training
Plant erection – November 2020

The project is moving ahead: Plant equipment arrives on site and the foundation works are in full swing. 

SDI site Sinton, Texas (November 2020)
Plug & work test cold mill – November 2020

Integration test of the automation system goes on with PL/TCM, Skin Pass Mill and Continuous Galvanizing Line.

Touch panels
Plug & work test CSP® caster – September 2020

The integration test of the automation system starts with the CSP® caster of SDI.

Integration test
Shipment of mill stands – May 2020

In May 2020, the housings of SDI’s cold rolling mill arrive at the Sinton site.

Mill stands in SMS group workshop Mönchengladbach
Preparation of site – February 2020

Infrastructure works are in full swing and first foundations for the production units are laid.

SDI Sinton
Manufacturing – January 2020

Quality determining key components are manufactured in the SMS group workshops in Germany.

Project kick-off – September 2019

Representatives of Steel Dynamics Inc. come to SMS group to discuss project details of the recently signed contract.

Project meeting
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