The SMS group Campus consists of 5 individual modules offering a total of 1,500 modern workplaces on a site spanning approximately 66,000 m². The plaza of the campus has a diameter of 65 meters and the buildings are 16 meters high. The total gross floor area, including the above-ground and underground areas and the equipment floor, is approximately 44,000 m².

All modules are connected by a membrane roof, which also completely spans the plaza with a diameter of 82 meters. This creates a bright and largely weather-protected space in the center of the SMS group Campus.

The reception building faces the city, the building with the company restaurant (for around 1,200 hot meals per day) opens up onto the green landscape, and the two buildings facing the plant are connected to the offices close to production by an open staircase.

The multi-storey parking lot has around 1,500 parking spaces and is located in close proximity to the main entrance.

Each floor of the building provides space for a total of 100 to 120 workstations. A conference center with a large, divisible hall allows for meetings and conferences with up to 500 participants. The office buildings also have a wide range of social facilities that make the SMS group Campus more than just a workplace.