First sections of the building now accessible

Nine months ago, it all looked very different here: parking spaces, a few buildings, and a soccer pitch. Today, you can already clearly see the first structures in the new SMS group Campus. All five modules, which will radiate outwards from the large dome, are already recognizable – albeit at different stages of construction. One hundred workers are currently responsible for ensuring that the Campus continues to take shape.

In addition, five huge cranes have been in operation since the end of May – one per module. In Module A – where the main entrance and executive management offices are located – you can already enter the foyer. Construction work on the first floor is just starting now.

The progress in modules D and E is also clearly visible. The ground floor in module E has already been completed, as has the basement in module D. One thing that stands out here: the floor level at this end of the Campus is significantly lower than in the foyer. Anyone walking into the building at ground level will enter the basement.

In module C, where the canteen and kitchen will be situated, the main pipelines have already been laid. Work on the base plate of the basement is just starting.

Module B is the last to follow, and this is where the reinforcements for the base plate of the basement are currently being built.

"In total, there will be three further standard floors in addition to the ground floor and the technical floor. The technical floor is not a full-scale floor, this is where the ventilation system and other technical elements are housed," explains Marco Himmelmann. The building technician has been on site every day since the groundbreaking ceremony, assessing the progress of the Campus.

The building shell construction will be completed by summer 2022 at the latest. Marco Himmelmann dares to make a prediction: "If everything continues to go so smoothly and we have a mild winter, we could well be finished by the spring already." One reason for this: As soon as the ground floor with its many load-bearing concrete and fire protection walls has been completed, just 14 days approximately will be needed for the concrete work for each standard floor and module (1st floor, 2nd floor, and 3rd floor).

Anyone who wants to experience it live should take a look at the webcam feeds. Module A can be seen on cam 2 at the rear left, module B in the center/rear right, module C on the right, module D in the foreground, and module E at the front left.