The aim of this development is to maximise the reutilization of steelmaking process gases, namely blast furnace and coke oven gas in the steel production process. The end goal is to lessen the use of coking coal.

This technology forms a key component of Dillinger’s and Saarstahl’s H2SYNgas project. H2SYNgas is a development project by Dillinger based on Paul Wurth technology which focuses on syngas production and injection into the blast furnace. Syngas is a combination of hydrogen and carbon monoxide which acts as reducing agent to transform the iron ores charged into the furnace.

In parallel, the H2Syngas is part of a project that expects to connect the steel plant to a regional hydrogen network, which will enable the use of green hydrogen in the production process, further boosting decarbonization potential.

Decarbonization mission of Saarstahl and Dillinger

SMS group is one of the most important partners of Dillinger and Saarstahl on their decarbonization mission. Our expertise will continue to support this important client in their transformation efforts. As part of this transition, this technology is being used to produce syngas using a completely new high temperature, catalyst-free reforming process.

“This pilot plant and accompanying projects is a strategic undertaking for us”, said Thomas Hansmann, Head of Metallurgy at SMS group. “The steel industry as a whole has a social and environmental responsibility to reduce its emissions footprint – and the most effective way to do this is to upgrade existing assets so that they can continue to produce steel in a clean, environmentally-considerate manner”.