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State-of-the-art screw set for Wuxi Turbine Blade

In May 2024, SMS group successfully delivered the next screw set for one of the world's largest screw presses for Wuxi Turbine Blade Co., Ltd (WTB) in China. This screw set is a crucial component for WTB's clutch type screw press, the SPKA22400, known to be among the largest of its kind globally.

In March 2024, Vice President of Wuxi Turbine Blade, Mr. Mo JianQiang, visited Germany to oversee the final acceptance and functional tests of the newly manufactured screw set. The components, comprising a screw and a screw nut, were carefully crafted using SMS group's manufacturing facilities in Mönchengladbach, leveraging our extensive expertise.

Mr. Mo JianQiang expressed his satisfaction with the quality inspections and commended the precision and smoothness of the functional test. The test rigorously checked the alignment and interaction of the screw’s six threads (weighing 82 tons) with the corresponding threads of the screw nut, ensuring flawless operation.

WTB operates three major SMS Hasenclever screw presses, including the world's largest SPKA22400, which boasts a maximum pressing force of 35,500 tons (355 MN). The screw set featured is especially designed for this press. Additionally, WTB manages a SPKA11200 with a pressing force of 18,000 tons (180 MN) and a HSPRZ630 with 9,000 tons (90 MN). These presses enable WTB to produce a wide range of components for power generation, such as turbine blades for gas turbines, and are also licensed for manufacturing aviation parts, including structural components for fuselages and wings, as well as turbine blades, rings, and disks for aircraft propulsion turbines.

The production of screw sets for presses of all sizes and types is one of our core competencies, particularly within its Technical Service division. Our expertise is not limited to its own presses, which include those from Hasenclever, Eumuco, and Berrenberg, but also extends to manufacturing screw sets for third-party machines.

WTB delegation in SMS group workshop. From left to right: Mr. Zijia Guo (SMS Project Manager), Mr. Mo JianQiang – (Vice President of WTB) ; Lars Ziegenhagen (SMS Projektleiter); Mr.Li Xiang – (WTB Director of Equipment Dept.); Mr. Jin Zhe (SMS Agent - Beijing Joy Jinxiao International Trade Co., Ltd.)

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