Keep your equipment state-of-the-art

Changing customer demand, higher quality requirements or more flexible production, since markets and production processes are constantly evolving, equipments must be critically examined from time to time.

Our upgrades enable you to improve yield, quality and efficiency of your equipment with minimal investment. For major overhaul and improvements, we offer you tailor-made modernizations, which fit to your needs.

You benefit from our innovations after a revamp many ways

Most importantly for the environment as well as your balance sheet, you save resources with green technology and low energy consumption. New equipment also improves your plant's operational reliability. Using modern, computer based control modules, you can effectively monitor and control processes - down to the last detail. That ensures not only close tolerances and best-quality production, but also much greater plant availability.

Tap into the latest technologies with a revamp from SMS, including for example:

  • Mechanical components
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Electrical control systems
  • Automation equipment
  • Value-added components

Services for upgrades and modernization

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