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KPW 290L: A new level of cold pilgering for the oil and gas industry

KPW 290 L with control desk

The KPW 290 L cold pilger mill represents a paradigm shift in stainless steel tubing production for the oil and gas industry. With its advanced capabilities and precision engineering, it sets a new standard for efficiency, reliability, and quality.  

In response to the increasing demand for precision-manufactured stainless steel tubes in the oil and gas sector, SMS group unveils its most recent evolution of the KPW 290 L mill. The KPW 290 L represents innovation in cold pilger mill technology, offering corrosion-resistant stainless steel tubes to meet the evolving needs for reliability and durability in harsh environments.

The KPW 290 L boasts a comprehensive product portfolio that includes seamless stainless steel tubes within the 89 to 255 millimeter diameter range. Its versatility and precision make it the ideal solution for a wide range of applications, from drilling to production and transportation. The broad diameter range allows for the production of seamless stainless OCTG tubing with the highest outer diameter and wall thickness tolerances, ensuring unparalleled reliability in oil and gas extraction operations. Efficient production and continuous system analysis is enabled by the integration of tailor-made digital features. These solutions give operators, maintenance personnel and production planners real-time insights, optimizes performance and minimizes plant downtime. 

KPW 290 L raises the current standards for quality and efficiency 

The cold pilgering process facilitated by the KPW 290 L is ideally suited for high-alloyed stainless steel tubes with small wall thicknesses. By exposing  the material to a large number of forming steps, the process enhances roundness, eccentricity, stress homogeneity, and surface roughness, ensuring superior quality and performance. Its ability to achieve simultaneous cross-section reductions of up to 85% for stainless steel tubing, along with application-specific yield strength that meets the requirements for finished tubes makes it a preferred choice for oil and gas extraction operations. Equipped with a roll assembly designed for versatility, the mill can accommodate tube sizes down to 89 mm in diameter, ensuring adaptability to varying production needs. 

Moreover, the lateral roll assembly change feature enables quick and easy tool changes within two hours, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. With a maximum operating speed of 75 strokes per minute and a mill saddle weight exceeding 30 tons, the KPW 290 L delivers unmatched output efficiency and performance. SMS group is a system full liner and encompass the design of the complete cold pilger mill, from mechanical, auxiliary and electrical systems to technical support and production assistance. A data logging unit is included in the equipment package, providing invaluable insights for operators, maintenance workers, and production planners to optimize performance and ensure continuous system analysis. 

Layout KPW 290 L

SMS group’s second largest cold pilger mill goes to TUBACEX in the United Arab Emirates 

In 2023 Tubacex S.A., a global manufacturer of seamless stainless steel tubes, has placed an order with SMS group for a cold pilger mill, type KPW 290 L, at its new greenfield site close to Abu Dhabi, in order to effectively serve the growing demand for cold pilgered tubes in the oil and gas industry. 

This KPW 290 L is the second largest cold pilger mill and the second of its kind that SMS group has built in terms of size and flexibility of the dimensional range. Following the successful operation of other cold pilger mills, the KPW 370 L in Germany and the KPW 290 L in China, this new order strengthens SMS’ position in the market for large-scale pilger mills. 

The cold pilger mill is expected to go into operation by the end of 2024 and will enable Tubacex to serve its growing customer demands. 

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