Two important visits by delegations from Aluminum Dynamics LLC took place in September and November 2023. These coordination and inspection meetings, held over several days, underline the strong technical cooperation. The first visit focused on the new hot rolling mill, while the spotlight of the second visit was on the cold rolling mills.

Rainer Hoppe, Executive Project Director at SMS group, explains the background: “These meetings confirm how important it is to keep working with our customers as partners on eye level. Early and ongoing exchanges bring real value-add and speed up progress. This transparent form of partnership makes us stand out from our competitors.”


Detailed insights into pre-assembly of hot rolling mill

In September 2023, the Aluminum Dynamics LLC team visited main equipment suppliers across Germany to obtain first-hand information on the manufacturing progress of ordered equipment. A special focus was on the SMS group workshops in Mönchengladbach and Hilchenbach, where the team inspected their factory-assembled equipment.

The first stop was in Mönchengladbach, where the delegation took an initial tour of our production facilities. Highlights included two mill stand housings as well as the CVC® system for work roll shifting. The focus in the Hilchenbach manufacturing workshop was on the pre-assembled hot strip mill stand no. 3, which impressed the delegation from Aluminum Dynamics LLC due to its size and quality.

Ready for shipment: Two further mill stands of the hot strip mill. Members of the delegation (from left to right): Philip Swan (Aluminum Dynamics, LLC), Andy Sanders (Aluminum Dynamics, LLC); , Karsten Gieseler (SMS group); Michael Kuhn (SMS group), Hendrik Langer (SMS group), Will Canterburry (Aluminum Dynamics, LLC), Dustin Völkel (SMS group)
“This is a proper size mill”, Andy Sanders (Senior Project Engineer at Aluminum Dynamics, LLC) next to the shop-assembled hot rolling mill stand.
View from within on the pre-assembled hot mill stand

Comprehensive inspection of the cold rolling mills

During the second visit in November 2023, the Aluminum Dynamics LLC delegation also experienced an intensive period of technical exchanges and coordination meetings at SMS group in Hilchenbach. This visit was all about the detailed inspection of the pre-assembled cold rolling stands for the new aluminum production complex.

The personal exchanges between customers team and our experts revolved around the technological quality and excellence of the plant.

The Aluminum Dynamics LLC delegation drew a fully positive conclusion from both visits. All planned inspections and reviews confirmed that both the hot and the cold rolling mills meet the high demands of Aluminum Dynamics LLC.

Reviews with profound insights into the technology, such as the Multi-Plate® filters
The Aluminum Dynamics LLC delegation at the cold mill inspection in Hilchenbach: Jeff Kroner, JD Woodward, Austin White, Andrew Sanders with Josua Beck of SMS group(from left to right.)