Technical data

Steel grades

Full variety of carbon grades including ultra-thin low-carbon grades, structural steel, silicon steel, heavy-gauge pipe grades, multiphase steel, AHSS grades, peritectic grades


Strip width

800 - 2,250 mm

Strip thickness

0.8 - 25.4 mm



1- strand up to 2.7 million t/year

2-strand up to 5.0 million t/year




Nexus Casting Machine

Designed for high productivity

Modular expandability

Be ready for future quality demands

Heated roller tables 1 and 2

Temperature conditioning of slabs

Nexus furnaces and roughing mill

High slab reduction

Nexus finishing mill

Designed for outstanding strip surface and product quality

Laminar cooling line

Latest strip cooling technology

Nexus operation modes

Designed for both: Batch (coil-to-coil) and endless (continuous) rolling

Decoupling of roughing and finishing rolling

Improved temperature management and reduced specific energy consumption

Plant extendibility

Increase of flexibility and production

Hybrid and alternative heating solutions

Fossil and emission free casting and rolling