X-Pact® Cast Optimizer (Caster area)
  • Outstanding operator guidance
  • Unbeatable cut length optimization
  • New dimension quality evaluation
  • First class nozzle supervision
  • Best taper optimization
X-Pact® Solid Control (Caster area)
  • Avoids edge and corner cracks in straightening area
  • Assures homogenous solidification front
  • Minimizes surface cracks
  • Generates best inner quality by best possible soft reduction rates

X-Pact® Tech Assist (Caster area)

  • Reproducible production results
  • Automatic steel grade handling with X-Pact® Cast Optimizer
  • Access to process settings from metallurgical office

X-Pact® Dynamic Furnace Control (Furnace area)

  • Homogeneous slab reheating, calculation of temperature control parameters and assurance of uniform temperature distribution

X-Pact® Pass Schedule Calculation (Mill area)

  • Optimal rolling process
  • Maximum production
  • Best product quality
  • Support for the development of new products
  • High production flexibility
  • Adaption of model parameters with regard to process results

X-Pact® Cooling Section Control (Cooling section)

  • Very high accuracy for repeatable material properties
  • Cooling strategies for a wide range of hot rolled products
  • Designed for all different mechanical designs Variable coiling temperature to achieve desired material properties along strip length

X-Pact® Microstructure Property Model (Mill area)

  • Reduced number of material samples and quicker release of strips/plates
  • Reduction of product development time (study influence of alloys and process parameter)
  • Less production losses due to online control of mechanical properties

X-Pact® Strip Steering Control

Incl. Strip center measurement with X-Pact® Sense hotCAM

  • Stable rolling process
  • Reduction of cobbles
  • Optimized strip flow
  • Lights-out-operation package

X-Shape Flatness Measurement and Control

  • Stand-alone measuring system with closed roll surface
  • Flatness control perfectly tailored to the process requirements