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SMS group ensures that our partners in the metal industry throughout the world are successful. To do this, we bring together expertise from metallurgy, plant engineering, automation, electrics, digitalization, and servicing, as well as the associated business models, in order to provide unique solutions – across technological, divisional, and national borders.

In terms of employees, we are seeking individuals who are among the best in their field and who think and act like us, taking an interdisciplinary and flexible approach to everything they do. If you are willing and able to work in sales, project management, design, electrics and automation, digitalization, manufacturing, or administration, we can offer you some attractive career paths.

SMS group offers

The opportunity to develop on a personal level and network within the global SMS group through international development programs for top performers and high-potential employees

Local further training opportunities as well as the possibility of financial support for personally motivated training plans alongside the job

Job rotation (both nationally and internationally) and structured knowledge transfer

Career paths

  • Project management

    Professional project management is a key factor in our economic success. At SMS group, this expertise is pooled across technologies in our Center of Excellence for ‘Implementation’.

    Our team undertakes projects with a volume of up to one billion euros and has developed its own project management system to guarantee customer requirements are met in projects of this scale. Our project managers go through internal certification based on this, which familiarizes them with the professionalization, efficiency, and stability of our processes.

  • An enabler for sustainability

    Metals play a crucial role in the ongoing global development of the circular economy. They are durable and can be recycled almost infinitely without losing their quality or properties. The development of many future technologies, such as renewable energy supply, mobility, or communication, would be inconceivable without metals.

    As a pioneer of a carbon-neutral, sustainable metal industry, SMS group develops technologies to produce, process, and recycle all important metals. We place our metallurgical knowledge and our experience of implementing industrial processes at the service of our customers, to support them in the transformation of our industry and to change the world of metals on a lasting basis.

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  • June 06, 2024 | bonding IndustryNight, Aachen
  • September 24, 2024 | VDI Recruiting Tag, Dortmund
  • November 08, 2024 | Karrieretag Familienunternehmen, SMS group Campus Mönchengladbach

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