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What is your product? Deformed TMbaR®?

Rebar mills are designed to produce ‘martensite-free’ products by drastically reducing microalloyed elements and transformation costs, thus improving weldability, ductility, and material homogeneity.

Wire rod? Which grade?

High-speed rolling mills are designed to obtain superb-quality wire rod – more precise than ever. They process any kind of steel grade at a low rolling temperature (750 °C) and product tolerances from ±0.05–±0.09 mm into wire rod 4.5–27 mm in diameter up to 50 % ovality (1/8 DIN 59110) at 130 m/s with MEERdrive®PLUS sizing technology.

Plant types

  • High-speed delivery mill

    Where limited investment meets higher productivity

    High-Speed Delivery (HSD®) mills ideally combine limited investment with high productivity. A solution that guarantees a fast return on investment (ROI). Generally, these mills are sized for medium range production of up to 500,000 t/y. However, we can also reach big capacities of 1.6 million t/y (245 t/h endless with EBROS® welding technology) and 2.0 million t/y (330 t/h). HSD® mills are ready for the next challenge: to reach the speeds of 60 m/s and more on small products thanks to the next generation VHSD® (Very High-Speed Delivery System).

    Very High Speed Delivery System (VHSD®) by SMS group
  • Multi-flexible rolling mill

    The quick answer to economical solutions for high rolling production capabilities

    Main data

    Multi-flexible mills production can include flats, squares, hexagons, and light sections to complete the rounds and rebar production, produced at rates of over 200 t/h with over 250 products rolled into a single rolling mill. The rolling mills are characterized by lower overall  investment costs compared to a solution with one (or two) high-speed finishing blocks and the associated additional electrics, piping, and civil works. This investment is partially offset by the need for two additional convertible stands without housings for multi-strand operations.

    Multi-flexible rolling mill by SMS group
  • Light section mill

    Great flexibility with a wide range of products

    Main data

    A modern merchant bar mill has the capacity to produce a variety of products, such as angles, squares, flats, and small channels. Round bars can naturally be produced, too. Such a mill is characterized by great flexibility and has an annual capacity of 500,000 to 600,000 t/y producing a broad product mix including plain rounds and rebars, flats, tees, angles and channels, and I-beams.

    Light section mill by SMS group
  • Special Bar Quality mill

    Meeting market requirements with flexibility and precision

    Main data

    In our Special Bar Quality (SBQ) mills we make use of the 3-roll PSM® (Precision Sizing Mill) technology – a high-precision and flexible solution for the finish-rolling of bars. With the PSM® one family, rolling in the roughing and intermediate mill as well as the infinitely variable production of all finishing sizes by using the free size range is possible.

    The high roll force capacity allows thermomechanical rolling. The subsequent pieces of equipment, such as a cooling bed as well as a pouring reel line, are consequently designed for scratch prevention. The metallurgical aspects, like fast or retarded cooling, are considered in the equipment. 

    The right product at the right time: SBQ stands for stricter tolerances, repetitiveness, and defect-free products with fast deliveries.

    Finished product from a Special Bar Quality Mill
  • Wire rod mill

    Merging top quality, high productivity and low costs

    Main data

    The wire rod mill is an all-rounder: creating high-quality components for the automotive and chemical industries through to the mechanical engineering and many other sectors. The solutions offered by SMS group for wire rod mills are correspondingly versatile. Dimensions from 4.5 to 27 mm diameter in all steel grades can be efficiently produced on such lines. Single- or double-strand high-speed wire rod mills from SMS group roll small dimensions with high production capacities of up to more than 1,000,000 t/y. Stable and constant speeds up to 120 m/s (130 m/s and more are the next challenge) are possible. Even at full speed, the rolling mills achieve a perfect laying pattern.

    Hot wire rod on wire rod mill by SMS group
  • Combined rolling mill

    Flexibility combined with higher productivity

    Main data

    A highly flexible and productive solution is the bar mill, which combines single-stand or two-stand rolling via high-speed finishing blocks and a two-strand HSD® High-Speed Delivery system. The presence of the finishing blocks easily facilitates a further extension for the production of wire rod or for the production of torsion-free coils with the VCC® Vertical Compact Coiler system. In combination with the EBROS® Endless Rod Rolling System, customized coils weighing up to 8 tons can be produced.

    Combined Rolling Mill by SMS group

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  • EBROS®

    Endless Bar Rolling System

    The Endless Bar Rolling System (EBROS®) is used to weld together successive billets while hot in a bar or wire rod mill line, to produce an endless rolling process. Welding is performed by the flash welding method, the properties of the welded joint after rolling are the same as those of the base material, and the joint is a saleable product. The endless rolled product is cut to the coil weights required by the customer after the cooling conveyor in the case of wire rod mills, and with the flying shear before the cooling bed in the case of bar mills. More than 10,000,000 billets have been welded together using this system.

    Wire rod mill using Endless Bar Rolling System (EBROS) by SMS group


    • Hourly production capacity increase up to 8 %
    • Metallic yield improved up to 2 %
    • No trimming operation required when producing wire rod (uncooled front-end and out-of-tolerances)
    • Elimination of cobbles, head and tails cropping on the rolled stock
    • Suitable for any layout application in case of new or existing plants
  • VCC® Vertical Compact Coiler

    Torsion-free wounded bar production

    The compact coil is a decisive step towards improving the packaging quality of the final product. These coils have preselected dimensions that, thanks to VCC®, remain the same for all products processed on the same line. At the same time, the compact coil format is ideal for storage, transport, and handling. This is particularly advantageous when the coils are reworked near construction sites where rebar stirrups and other reinforcement structures accumulate, especially in metropolitan areas where space is at a premium.

    The compact design of the VCC® makes it equally suitable for rebuilds and new installations. The outstanding feature is that you can change rolls and roll guides simultaneously within 20 minutes.

    Compact coil during tying stage in VCC-based rolling mill


    • Torsion-free coils for subsequent cutting and bending lines
    • Up to 70 % savings in storage and logistics (based on a 2-ton coil weight)
    • High coil density: 80 % steel, 20 % air
    • Very compact and good coil shape for a significantly reduced storage space. From 15–17 t/m2 vs traditional wire rod coil 2–2.5 t/m2
    • Smooth and easy de-coiling operation
  • TMbaR® thermomechanical rolling for rebars

    Produce cost-effective, high-strength ‘martensite-free’ deformed bars

    SMS group has been a pioneer and promoter of the thermomechanical rolling process for decades. Today, a new chapter is being written with the application of this concept to the production of rebars. Thermomechanical rolling of reinforcing bars – known as ‘TMbaR®’ – offers the advantage of producing fine-grained structural products while reducing the manganese content in the rolled material. The exceptional ductility properties of seismic grades (e.g. HRBF400E) can only be optimized at this level by thermomechanical rolling.

    Thermomechanical Rolling for Rebars (TMbaR®) at Lianxin in China by SMS group


    • Improved weld ability, increase of ductility, and better material homogeneity
    • Reduction of manganese content to 0.7-0.9 % depending on grade and size (reference HRB 400 grade)
    • Improvement of yield strength by up to 20 % and tensile strength by up to 15 %
    • The outlet temperature of the reheating furnace can be reduced to 950 °C for energy saving
  • MEERdrive® and MEERdrive®PLUS

    Zero compromises in terms of quality, product tolerances, and flexibility

    The MEERdrive® technology is designed for highest performance and maximum flexibility. The advanced electric and automation concept ensures a reliable and stable synchronization of the individual drives and motors for speeds higher than 120 m/s. The heart of the unique system is the control logic, which is integrated in a standardized, highly dynamic, and modular processing unit. The MEERdrive® synchronizer is already used in various other industrial sectors and forms the logical control interface between motor and frequency converter. The MEERdrive® system is modular and can be applied to any block or combination of blocks, regardless of the number of stands.

    MEERdrive®PLUS block by SMS group


    • 60 % less roll ring inventory if compared to a conventional block
    • Reliable of rolling wire rod from 4.5 to 27 mm diameter at a constant speed of 120 m/s (design 140 m/s), entry temperature of 750 °C, product tolerances up to ±0.10 on Ø 5.5 mm and up to 60 % ovality
    • From 2 to 10 stand-design depending on rolling technology and finished size, total flexibility in roll pass design
    • The individual drive concept results in lower energy consumption and in a decrease of operating costs of saving approximately 30 % of energy
  • MEERcut high-speed shear

    Cutting of wire rod at production speed of 120 m/s

    The MEERcut shear enables in-line cutting of hot and out-of-tolerance head and tail end. The high-speed shear is based on a simplified design with minimal disturbance of the bar path.

    For different applications in the rolling mill, SMS group offers two types of high-speed shears: one for speeds up to 85 m/s and one for speeds up to 120 m/s. Installed immediately in front of the laying head, it ensures considerable savings in operating costs.

    The MEERcut system can be easily installed in existing plants thanks to its compact design with an overall length of 2.8 m.


    • Increase plant yield up to 2 % thanks to optimized and repetitive cropping length
    • In-line trimming of 4.5–32 mm diameter wire rod at 120 m/s
    • Limitation of manual operations in coil handling facilities, equals increased staff safety
    • Constant quality on the whole coil due to the elimination of uncooled front and tail ends
    • Machine compactness in less than 3.0 m overall length (comparable to other high-speed shear designs available), easy to fit in existing plants

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