Maximum performance in forging long products

High precision and productivity, perfect microstructure, plus flexible application, batch size, and unit production are the main the demands of the forging industry. This is where our radial forging machines not only meet today’s requirements, but also ensure your competitive edge in the future. What puts our hydraulic radial forging machines at the top of the global tree is this: their innovative design, high performance, and intelligent technology.

Plant types

  • SMX hydraulic radial forging machines

    Integrated plant concept

    Main data

    SMX hydraulic radial forging machines deliver precision and productivity, perfect microstructure properties, plus flexibility of application, batch size, and single-item production. Central to the radial forging plant is the SMX forging machine. Compared to mechanical machines with eccentric drives, our construction stands out for its clear, simple, and accessible design. The hydraulic drive ensures you can freely and flexibly select all important forging parameters and apply the maximum forging force throughout the entire forging stroke.

    SMX hydraulic radial forging machine
  • Horizontal forging machine type SMI

    Mass distribution of hot closed-die forgings

    Main data

    The horizontal forging machine SMI is an automatically controlled and hydraulically driven 2-ram forging machine with integrated manipulators and centering devices for automatic operation. It is ideal for the mass distribution of hot forgings used for the closed-die forging. It is capable of forging all materials that are normally forged using open-die forging equipment.

    Horizontal forging machine type SMI
  • Rail-bound forging manipulator

    Main data

    Our manipulators for forging machines are particularly robust. They offer you not only high load-bearing capacity, but also precise interaction between the manipulators and the forging machine. That’s crucial for perfect forging results.

    The manipulators move in sync with the machine – for a fast and smooth forging process. They come with hydraulically driven tongs. We specially designed the tong peel as a hollow shaft so you can also use a mandrel forging device, e.g. for tubes.

    Rail-bound forging manipulator

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  • Innovative hydraulic cylinders

    Maximum performance with stroke sequences

    These virtually maintenance-free press cylinders incorporate our patented technology. Here is the basic principle: a servo-controlled pilot cylinder is followed by the working piston. This pilot cylinder controls the forming rate and return stroke. That means you achieve pinpoint accuracy – every time.

    Hydraulic cylinder


    • Vibration-free operation, low noise
    • Up to 300 strokes/min (depending on machine size)
    • Extremely long maintenance intervals
  • ComForge®

    Intelligent forging technology suite

    The ComForge® Forging Technology Suite assists you throughout the process, starting from pass schedule calculation up to optimizing material properties. It consists of three primary applications: PassSchedule Calculator, PassSchedule Analyzer, and the recently introduced Property Predictor. This software provides solutions to address the key challenges in radial forging:

    • Maximum process efficiency: Short forging times and energy saving by avoiding reheating cycles
    • Improvement of microstructure: Ensure sufficient deformation in the workpiece’s core and surface for a fine-grained recrystallized microstructure
    • Closure of pores and voids from casting: Closing and welding of inner pores to prevent the formation of cracks

    The newly developed ComForge® Property Predictor, is our advanced technology module within ComForge®, which allows a detailed calculation and analysis of radial forging processes regarding the material properties.


    • Comprehensive database for trouble-free and technologically proven forging processes
    • Various forging strategies for the production of round, square and rectangular bars using different tool sets
    • Temperature and strain distribution in radial forging within seconds for any give pass-schedule
    • Economic benefit by enabling shortening process chains, reduced personnel requirements and so reduction of safety margins within the process
  • Forging of railroad axles

    How to save energy and time

    With our SMX hydraulic radial forging machine, you can forge up to three axles from a single ingot in just one heat. This means no process interruption for intermediate heating. That not only boosts productivity, but also cuts energy consumption.

    Forging of wheelset shafts on the hydraulic radial forging machine SMX


    • Single, double, or multiple axles forged from one ingot in just a single heat
    • High productivity as a result of short cycle times and large height reductions per pass
    • Through-forging right to the ingot core for a homogeneous microstructure over the entire cross-section
  • Forging of thick-walled tubes

    Proven concept with added function

    To help you boost business, SMS group modified and extended its proven SMX concept to include tube forging. Specifically, we expanded the plant layout to incorporate a third manipulator that holds a mandrel bar. Also integrated are conically shaped tools that ensure high-quality tube surface finishes.

    Forging of large-diameter and thick-walled tubes at Vitkovice Hammering


    • Production of straight and stepped tubes
    • Lower eccentricity, e.g. from ± 15 mm in the mother tube to max. ± 2.6 mm in the finished tube

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